Recently I have been hearing, reading and seeing a lot of stuff about using our gifts for God. It was in a part of our talk at CU on Tuesday, I’ve read posts on blogs about it, and it’s really making me think particularly with the end of Uni approaching fast!

I’m a visual person, I’ve always been a visual person, it’s what I do. Now, I firmly believe that my creative talents are a gift from God and I want to use them to glorify him. In my two and a bit years at Uni I have been heavily involved in publicity and graphics for the CU, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s something I would like to do in the future, for churches and organisations. So with the end of Uni coming quick it’s time for me to start thinking about what I can do next. I’ve started to look at studios and such, but not knowing where I’m going to be makes it extra hard. The one thing I’m really starting to confirm is that I want to work somewhere which will allow me to use my talents and skills for the benefit of the Church.

Something which I believe strongly in is that Churches and Christian organisation really need to have a strong visual identity and this is something I want to work on and help churches create. But why do I think it’s so important? I think it’s so important for a church to have a strong visual identity as it allows people outside the church generate a link with it. Brands and identities are all over the place, people are used to seeing strong brands, and if they see a church that has a strong brand it helps them to realise that the church and everything it stands for is relevant today. If people see the amateurish home made brandings most churches have these days, they are less likely to take any notice of it. It instantly makes that church out of touch with society, at least in their minds. But if they see a well thought out polished identity that brings with it a certain level of credibility, they are far more likely to be open to the message that church is bringing.

I’m starting to go off topic now, or am I? This is a part of my giftings, creating visual identites is a part of what I do, and if I can use that and couple it with the church and Matthew 28 then all the better. The church is all about making the Gospel accessible to people who don’t hear it, and starting with a strong ID for your church is only going to help that accesibility.

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  1. Phil, Great post. I agree with your point about churches needing a strong visual identity. To us Christians we may not notice this as much because we to church to commune with God and other believers, while those who are not Christians know nothing of this so they look at the outward appearance. We need to recognize this as the Church, not to say that we are “tricking” them to come to church, but make it more appealing to them.

  2. Ah, the age old we will be tricking them into coming, I have heard many people say this when I’ve brought up this issue. What I think people lose sight of, is that when someone says we need to create a brand/identity, they instantly assume these are Godless things or that you are trying to remove God from the Church, when all you are trying to do is make Him more accessible

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