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It’s interesting how things often crop up in the space of a couple of weeks in the Christian world. Two weeks ago at CU we had one of the guys from my church, Luke, come to speak. He spoke on relationships, first about our one with God, then our friends and then with a “significant other”. Now whilst that was very interesting the final part of his talk was a DVD. It was a Nooma one, specifically number 10 Lump.

Now the focus of this DVD is that God loves us/you/me. No matter what.

Nothing you do can ever change how much I Love you.”
Nooma 010 Lump

That line is said in the DVD a lot at the end, but the way it’s delivered and the whole build up before it really makes it hit home. Tonight in my cell group, as I was leading and as I was in the planning meeting on Tuesday, this phrase came up again, and at the moment its really striking me. It’s not the only thing, but that’s for another post, but it really is hitting me. He, God, loves me. He loves me despite the fact I mess up. He loves me when I mess up everyday, when I do something He doesn’t want me to do, he still loves me. I think that’s so awesome!

But, and this is the best bit. It’s not just me He loves. He loves you, sat here reading this post. He loves the guy walking his dog down the street. He loves everyone. But whats even cooler, is that he wants to know the people he loves. He wants to be in a relationship with you, and thats just simply amazing and I’m so thinkful for it.

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  1. I love Nooma’s and the stuff Rob Bell does. He was just here in LA on Thursday night at UCLA, the same night I was leading small group – I would have liked to see him speak.

  2. I’ve only seen that Nooma, but I’m thinking of borrowing them off a friend, and even buying that one. It was fantastic, if his talks are as moving/powerful/touching as the DVD then I think I’d quite like to see him too.

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