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  1. I don’t know, I like firefox an awful lot, there is just something about safari that I don’t like, I can’t put my finger on it though.

  2. Thats the trouble with web browsers. There are lots of them out there and all have their own little functions the other one doesn’t. I use Safari (being a Mac boy) and with the few little tweaks I made to it, it covers everything I need. Firefox on Windows is my preference, I really don’t see the need for Apple to port Safari over to the Windows side of computing.

  3. I agree. I think that Apple should make sure that Safari is kept on Apple rather than getting involved in Windows. It is not as if I have a problem with Mac’s as I want one. As soon as I can afford it that is…

  4. Good call Aidan, buying a Mac is certainly well worth it! hehe! I know it was the best decision in terms of computers, I’ve made!

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