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Touch the beat

Well it finally landed. The iPod everyone has been anticipating for the last 2 years has finally landed, along with three younger (older?) brothers. It was a pretty action packed hour, and to be honest it was quite exciting. I’ve never really tried to get things minute by minute for an Apple announcement, but this time I was fairly free at the right time to be able to follow the fun, and it made it much more interesting and exciting.

iPod touch

The iPod touch, which many have been wanting for a while is officially my iPhone! ha! That is until the actual iPhone comes out over here and when I get a job to buy either of them! It looks sweet, that’s the only word for it. It’s very iPhone like and very thin, and well I guess you all know about it, but I know it would complement my new N73 until my contract runs out in 18 months time.

For me though, the iPod touch looks to be much more than an iPod, it almost seems to be verging on PDA territory, what with internet capabilities, contacts, calendars etc. That’s what I’m most interested in it for, but that all depends on whether this thing is two way sync-able. Obviously we can sync iTunes with it and any purchased music while on the go, but can we alter calendars and add contacts whilst out and about? The other thing that I’m intrigued about, and which I don’t think it is capable of, is the ability to use it as a remote for my AirTunes. It’d be great to be able to stream music to my speakers over the wireless network from my iPod rather than by lugging around my iBook. How nice would it be to have the music I want to listen to in the lounge in the palm of my hand rather than my lap? The other thing I would like, is some kind of IM program, to use MSN with my friends. I’d rather have it on the touch than the iBook any day.

So my initial response is WOW! My second response is can I do this with it and can I do that with it and I guess only time will tell. I suspect, like the iPhone, it won’t be too long before people are hacking it and making it do the kinds of things I want it to do. This iPod touch could be more than just an iPod, but a great method of bringing content from my Mac upstairs to my living room speakers in a small and familiar manner and without needing a posh TV and set tip box.