So last night I had the pleasure of playing on a Wii. Man they are so fun! And I mean REALLY fun! It successfully put something back into playing computer games that I have felt has been missing for a while now. Yep you guessed it that 3 letter word, fun.

At Uni, the guys here tend to chill out together with the PS2 and Pro Evo 6 but recently I’ve not been enjoying it so much. The fun has left the game to a certain extent, and has been replaced with competition. Now a certain amount of competition is good and healthy, but when it gets to the extent it is on Evo now, the fun just vanishes and it gets personal.

Now the Wii, was just fun. We only had 2 Wiimotes, but boy was it fun. We were boxing, playing tennis, baseball, racing cows, great fun. The girls were joining in as well, whereas normally when the console goes on they all vanish from the room by half time of the first game. This time we had Sarah playing golf, Jen boxing, and everyone laughing, just great fun. Basically these things are living up to the hype, it will depend what single player usage you can get out of it, but the Wii is gonna be huge. Whats worse is I now have two things I’m saving up for, a Wii and an iPhone!

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  1. Wow! I don’t think I have seen the word “fun” written so much in a blog post 😛 It must be good! Lol.

    I think you are spot on saying it has put something back into computer games which was missing. I think it adds more user interactivity, perhaps stating the obvious but it is true. It allows you to get more involved with the game itself.

    I do think they’re great consoles however I can’t see myself buying one purely because I am not that interested in game consoles anymore. I have a PS2 and the only game I play on it is Pro Evo 6; the best football game EVER!

    You are going to have an expensive year by the sounds of it! A Wii and an iPhone. Wow! Expensive – But 2 great products!
    The only thing I am saving up for is another season ticket (for Middlesbrough) for next season…

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