MySpace Wins Fight for Domain Name ›

MySpace Wins Fight for Domain Name

When I first read the title I was annoyed and chalked up another point of why I don’t like MySpace. But this little snippet kinda made me change my mind, I still don’t like MySpace but I also don’t like how the use of the site appears to have been changed.

However, the ruling, made by independent expert Antony Gold, found that while had initially been used to offer email services and mini-websites to subscribers it had changed its model to exploit MySpace’s popularity.

TWS started to use the address to lead to a ‘parked’ web page with advertisements for social networking websites including MySpace.

The arbitrator decided that this was evidence of abusive registration, that TWS was profiting unfairly from the association with MySpace.

MarsEdit 2.1 ›

A new release of MarsEdit greeted me when I got home. It presents a few nice features s well as speed enhancements, I’ll let the MarsEdit guys do the talking.

In summary, MarsEdit 2.1 has a new search feature, a new capsule-based tags editor, support for Movable Type tags, support for saving drafts to the server, massively improved preview performance and usability, and a bunch of other performance boosts and feature tweaks.

One thing which I like and have wanted since I got the app is the ability to save drafts to the server. I’ve wanted to see this as occasionally I begin a post on the iMac and want to finish it on my iBook and syncing wasn’t so easy. I was hoping that I’d be able to sync the posts using this new feature, and using this hack

add a category “MarsDraft” to any of your posts, and when MarsEdit sees the category, it will automatically assume that the post is to be treated as a draft.

it kind of works. One sad thing though is that the draft appears in the published section under my blog title (but still as a draft), hopefully there will be someway of moving it to drafts until it is officially published.

Otherwise a great release from the Red Sweater Software gang!

Edit: After a nice email exchange with Daniel I just want to clarify my post. That is expected behaviour at present, and my post has been tweaked to make it a little clearer. Thanks for the response Daniel.

Twitter for Academia ›

Fascinating account of how a lecturer is using Twitter as a part of his class.

Surprisingly Twitter is actually good for teaching grammar. Why? Because of its short form those who tweet often abbreviate and abuse grammar rules, developing their own unique ‘twitter rules.’ This helps to demonstrate, both how all communication needs rules/structure and how important something like a comma or a period can be.

The grammar point really made me think. It’s interesting how a lot of people blame the likes of text messaging and instant messaging for falling standards, but are they really affecting traditional writing or merely defining their own rules for the medium?

A Fragile Net

I’ve noticed, thanks to Mint, that I get quite a few hits for one particular Google search. Actually it’s a Google image search and well it’s a rather unusual one as well. Back when the London 2012 Olympic committee announced the logo for the games, I wrote a piece about it and compared it to a few other recent Olympic logos.

At the time I didn’t think much of it and to be honest I’ve only recently noticed that the post seems to get a lot of hits. So tonight I decided it was high time I checked out this Google search. It was a good job I did as well, the post was largely broken, and I guess when I had an incident with my last upgrade it wasn’t just the plugins and themes that got lost but also some images I was hosting. I’ve now fixed this and all seems well again, so people will be able to find the images they need.

This whole event did get me thinking. It’s amazing how just a few words or images can be caught by the giant that is Google. It’s even more interesting how dependent somethings on the internet are on hosting and a users willingness to leave things where they are. We think of the internet as a place where everything is going to work and all things will exist forever, but really it’s quite a fragile place. Things change quickly and sometimes at a frightening pace, so much so that a simple upgrade process can result in a lost image and boom, someone turns up a fruitless search because the owner didn’t realise that was lost as well.

Edit: I’m aware the footer of that post is slightly mis-aligned. I don’t quite know why and will hopefully fix this at the weekend!

Quantum of Solace ›

The official title of the 22nd Bond film is.….… Quantum of Solace. Taken from an Ian Flemming short story but it has no direct link to the plot.

I really enjoyed the first Daniel Craig Bond movie. I’d lost interest in the over commercial end of the Brosnan era and Craig really brought me back to the Bond movies again. Really looking forward to this one.

(Via the news on the radio at lunch!.)

Quantum of Solace ›

The official title of the 22nd Bond film is.….… Quantum of Solace. Taken from an Ian Flemming short story but it has no direct link to the plot.

I really enjoyed the first Daniel Craig Bond movie. I’d lost interest in the over commercial end of the Brosnan era and Craig really brought me back to the Bond movies again. Really looking forward to this one.

(Via the news on the radio at lunch!.)

A Touch Dilemma

Ever since the Macworld keynote I’ve been wrestling with a strong wish to buy an iPod touch. The new software available on the touch seems to have been one of the most controversial aspects of the keynote. But to me the prospect of having those key apps, without hacking, coupled with the recent discovery that my work has Wi-Fi access, has made it seem very appealing. It is now, to all intense and purposes an iPhone without the phone, and therein lies the problem.

I’m currently tied to a Vodafone contract that lasts another 12 months-ish, this makes the prospect of the iPod Touch look very appealing. But then it also makes me think the only reason I want it is because I can’t get an iPhone yet. Now I think the Touch would do me fine, it’s got all the apps on it I would use, but every time I start thinking about the possibility of buying one I can’t help but think the device is crippled. That lack of a constant data connection makes it that much harder to use, each time I’m drawn to the times I would be most likely to use it and really there are 4 major locations that crop up.

  1. The lounge at home
  2. Lucie’s
  3. The office
  4. When I’m driving somewhere and trying to find something (Maps)

Now the interesting thing is, 3 out of 4 of those locations have Wi-Fi and therefore make the Touch useable. Now the 4th one doesn’t and that’s where I foresee the problem. The times where I’ve really wished I had an iPhone is on the occasion of the 4th point. I don’t have a sat nav in my car, but the prospect of just being able to pop onto Google Maps to find something is very enticing, especially as I am new to this area and still finding out where things are.

Now as much a valid reason as this is, I can’t help but feel like it’s outweighs the rest of the pro’s on the device. The prospect of having my email at my fingertips as well as my blog stats is quite enticing, particularly as I’m looking to push on with my blog in the coming months. Then there is the interface. Every time I watch a video, or even just look at the device I’m blown away by it, and the recent update to the “touch” version of OS X just seemed to fuel this. Now that I can have my Mint stats at my fingertips as well as a way to access Twitter easily while I’m “on the go” or at work with a single touch to launch the “apps” makes the device feel a lot more complete.

It rests on several conditions and I’m sure over time those pro’s and con’s will be weighed up and some decisions made (maybe selling my Nano!). Either way It’s both an exciting and an interesting dilemma and one which I’m sure you will find out the result.

Originality in Web Design ›

Kyle Meyer at Astheria ask an important question about Originality in Web Design.

What print design seems to have an advantage in is that it is a physical medium, using different materials lead to interesting textures, lighting plays a factor, etc. But what’s to say that we can’t grab a scanner or digital camera and work these things into the digital medium?”

It’s a very interesting article offering some insight into the way he works and what triggered him to ask the question. It’s made me think a lot as well, not just about web design but also about my print design too. It’s an inspiring post, and a prime example of why he is in my feeds.