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WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier. A fascinating blog where a grandson is publishing the letters his grandfather wrote in the first world war. They are exactly 90 years to the day after they were written.

This blog is made up of transcripts of Harry Lamin’s letters from the first World War. The letters will be posted exactly 90 years after they were written. To find out Harry’s fate, follow the blog!

(Via my Dad!.)

Elmwood ›

Elmwood, a brand design agency have recently redesigned their website. It’s a bit of a stunner, at least in my opinion, and well it’s not really a surprise seen as how they are one of the top design studios in the UK and arguably the world. I suggest you go and take a look at some of the stuff they have done.

New Design

Well guys, thanks to a little hiccough when I was upgrading my WordPress install (which I think failed!) I’ve been forced to activate my newly designed theme slightly early. The problem was most likely my fault, the update was the first time I had used Transmit to upgrade and for whatever reason it decided to delete my plugins and theme directories. I’ve quickly fixed the issue and we seem to be up and running again.

The focus of this post is to introduce you guys to my new look for Electric Weekend. After brief flirtations with this site trying to be my blog, my portfolio, and then a test with Tumblr the last few months have helped me to focus the purpose of EW. So for the first time, I think, I have a design that is not trying to be a portfolio site, not trying to be a general website for me, but is just being what it’s meant to be. A blog. It’s also a first for this place in that the theme is a dark one. I’ve always kinda wanted to give one a try, but never found one which I liked and never really felt the direction designs went. But this one actually feels like it could have some life in it. I like the initial appearance and I hope I have the tone of the text on the dark background right. As with previous designs, you will notice two distinct types of post. One for my “links” and one for my main posts. They are defined not only in format, but also with colour. The bordering line above each post will indicate which type of post is coming next, so that you can decide to read on!

I feel for the first time I have a theme on the blog which actually feels fairly refined and to a certain extent, polished. This has been helped by something which I’ve been trying to create for a long while. Electric Weekend now has, what I feel to be a strong identity. As I hinted earlier I now feel like I know a little more of what this place is to be and wanted to reflect this in a clear identity in the form of a logo. It’s taken me a while to arrive at this, and the logo went through a lot of revisions before arriving at the form you now see. Some of you may have seen the early version I posted on Flickr sometime before Christmas, so you can see where early things began.

So if you’ve read this in your feed reader, come and have a look.

Disclaimer: Due to the error in the upgrade, and the early launch, there might be a few funky bits that have yet to be corrected but rest assured these will be done in the next day or two.

Here’s Looking At You ›

Fascinating video whereby people comment on first impressions of other people.

Really fascinating to see how some people appear to be influenced a great deal by social stereotypes, whilst others take a moment and seem to read deeper into what they think the person is like. One guy in particular interested me as he made some quite analytical comments and then late explained his own appearance, I could really see how his experiences reflected in the way he saw other people. Not everyone in this world is shallow, which is good to know.

(Via Kottke.)

Blogging Is Blogging

I’ve been wanting to sit down and blog for a while now, and I’ve had that age old problem of not knowing where to start. As I sat here trying to think about why I’m having trouble blogging, the thought came to me that until I started to use the offline blogging tool MarsEdit I didn’t have much of an issue.

So, I hear the question being asked, “Why don’t you stop using it?”.

The simple answer to that is I don’t want to. I like using the app, it’s a pleasure to use. When I’m sat on my laptop, hitting Cmd-1 to post a link and a few thoughts about the page I have just read makes the simple posts a pleasure to use. Then there’s the advantage that I haven’t always got access to an internet connection (although I do have it at home now!), so being able to work on a blog post without it is nice. I think the problem stems from a deeper root.

When I bought MarsEdit, I think somewhere a change in my mindset occurred. I began to hoard a few titles in my local drafts, some slightly fleshed out while others were just titles with a sentence to remind me what the post was meant to be about. Now when I worked purely in the WordPress interface, I had the odd title but most of the time they didn’t amount to much. But with MarsEdit drafts I felt this pressure to write a backlog of posts so that I can just chuck one out when the timing seems right. But it wasn’t just the pressure to write a backlog of posts, it was a pressure to write a backlog of articles. Big long posts about something. Now for many people this is what their blog is for, writing big long posts about stuff. But I don’t work like that. Every time I try to do it, I fall flat on my face.

I guess what this post is doing is re-aligning my focus. I’m not a blogger who can sit and write great long articles, I don’t work like that. I’m not the greatest writer and I’m the first to admit that. I’ll leave the big long posts to the people who are good at it like Shawn and Mr. Gruber, what I will do is bring my blogging back to me. If I’m in the mood to blog and have an idea then that’s it, I’m gonna write about it. I’m not gonna jot down a title start a post and then leave it for revisions to be made, for me that’s not what blogging is about, that’s journalism. I’ll just write when I want to and keep the links rolling.

With that I only have one more thing to say.

Happy 2008!