Coldplay Violet Hill ›

Coldplay, one of my favourite bands have just begun the launch of their new album. The first single was aired today and is available for free download for the next week, I suggest you go get it.

My first impressions after a few listens are good. I like it and it seems a natural progression from the sound on X&Y, looking forward to the rest of the album which is released on June 17th.


Before I begin, I will state that this is not me turning the comments back on here at Electric Weekend. It is instead about what has sparked me to begin commenting on other people’s blogs a little more.

When I began blogging I used to comment like crazy on people’s blogs, often because I could and sometimes because there was something I felt they had missed. I also had a lot more spare time to go back to each site individually to see if there had been any response to my comment. As I got towards the end of my degree this kind of time began to decrease and I was less inclined to comment. I tried some solutions to track my comments but it didn’t feel very convenient and I was reluctant to leave a trail on another 3rd party server.


A few weeks ago I came across a possible self‐hosted solution for tracking the sites I have commented on and for the last few weeks I have been using the public beta of Sam Brown’s Commented On. It’s proved very useful and I’ve found myself being a little more active when reading and subsequently commenting on people’s blogs.

Commented On is a great piece of software and method of tracking your comments. After I’ve made my comment, I simply highlight my comment, or the first paragraph, and hit cmd‐3 to activate the javascript bookmarklet. It collects all the information needed and I just have to hit add site for it to be added to my database.


All I have to do now is return to the main page and click on the links to the most recent comments and I can track any replies.

There are several things I like about Commented On:

  • It’s helped me to return to commenting on people’s blogs which is nice for interaction and makes it a little more personal.
  • It’s self‐hosted. I like self hosted things. My blog and tracking software are self‐hosted, I have Sidepath for shortening links rather than using another service. It gives me a little more control, and ensures I don’t leave a trail on another web‐service.
  • It’s designed well. It looks great and is a pleasure to use, it’s appearance really enhances the user experience.

There’s really only one thing I wish that Commented On did, tell me when there has been a response (or additional comments) to one of my comments. Just something subtle on the main page like a badge in the style maybe. I’m not sure how it could be done, maybe Commented On could grab the comment RSS for that post when you bookmark it and let you know when it gets updated.

Either way, I’ve really enjoyed using Commented On and highly recommend it to anyone who actively comments on people’s blogs.

iBAM Says Critique Me ›

Brent of iBoughtAMac fame has been going through the design process and asking for some feedback from the Flickr community.

I wanted to highlight it as a great way of getting other peoples opinions on your designs and therefore improving them. I’ve enjoyed partaking in the discussion and watching the changes and tweaks Brent has made based on the feedback.

Great idea Brent, looking forward to seeing the final thing.

Type City Prints ›

Veer has some beautifully crafted prints of buildings created from type entitled Type City Prints.

Each portrays an urban facet, illustrated character by character with a typeface that evokes the image itself. Illustrations are letterpressed onto archival, acid‐free paper using brass dies mounted type high.

They really are beautiful. I just wish Veer shipped this type of thing outside of North America, although it might be a good thing for my finances!!

(Via Cameron Moll.)

Astheria Redesigns ›

Kyle Meyer just made his already super‐stylish designed block look even more super‐stylish!

He’s approached the re‐design in a slightly different way than most. Remembering back to the days of geocities where every page looked differnt, Kyle has tried to move away from the “standard” blog look. No meta data, just style and content.

I also suggest you take a look at his rather spiffing (did I just type that?!) looking archives page. Again, he’s stepped away from convention and moved from the standard list of posts to something a little more unusual. A little time representation is always a good thing.

Needless to say, I think it’s a great looking site, and an inspiring one at that.

The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The Understatement ›

The Last Shadow Puppets and The Age Of The Understatement

The Age Of The Understatement’ is a wide‐screen, bold and brilliant introduction to the band. The Last Shadow Puppets are Alex Turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (from The Rascals).

I heard this track a couple of months ago, and finally today tracked it down. I’m a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys and this is a great compliment to the work Alex Turner has done with them. Looking forward to the album of the same name in a couple of weeks.

Video on Flickr? ›

Yep there’s video on Flickr!

Big talk on the internets today has been about the emergence of video on Flickr. I’m quite excited, I unlike many people like the fact there are 90 second time constraints on Flickr video, it means we are more likely to receive interesting and creative uploads rather than rubbishy YouTube type videos or TV shows.

BBC WiiPlayer ›

BBC WiiPlayer

Until today I didn’t realise how amazing this would be. Now I can watch TV shows on catchup from the comfort of the sofa, a fantastic idea and I’m delighted my license money is going towards the development of services like this.

2 Genius Leopard Tips ›

This afternoon I got annoyed. Annoyed by Mac. So I found a fix. My Finder now works like it should be default and shows on all Spaces. It bugged the heck out of me that I switched me to another Space if I had left a window open other than in the current Space.

Show the Finder in all spaces.

The second thing that bugged me was that I needed a .Mac account in order to sync my Address Book with Yahoo and ultimately my iBook. What’s the point in that? Fortunately I found a simple solution.

Sync Address Book with Yahoo.

So until BusyMac make a version of BusySync that sync’s the Address Book I’m sorted.

New Coin Designs ›

The new designs for the British coins.

I meant to link to these yesterday but somehow forgot. They are fantastic and I’m delighted that they are being put into currency. I like just looking at them and seeing how they work, and yes I think it’s one of those design moments where I will be looking at it as I walk out the shop with my first coin!