Top 10 Movie List Which Turned into 8

Well, I’ve not really been one for memes, but it’s been a while since the last one and this one looks like fun. As you probably guessed from the title I have to post my top 10 movies.

First the rules. 1. List your top ten favorite films (in no particular order). 2. If you are tagged, you have to post and tag 3–5 people. 3. Link back to the one who tagged you, in my case it’s Nick Gray and because it took me so long to get it out, Jesse Anderson.

I’ll also add my own disclaimer, my descriptions of the film will be minimal as I don’t want to spoil it for those who have yet to see them.

The Green Mile

This is one of those films that I can watch over and over. Tom Hanks stars as a jailer on death row, he receives a new in-mate who has to be the largest guy ever. He’s also not guilty. He has, for want of a better word, a “power” that lets him take away people’s ailments, but unfortunately his desire to help lands him on death row.

It’s an excellent film, that my description doesn’t do justice to. All I can say is be prepared to cry at the end. Yes, I had a little tear in the corner of my eye. No, I’m not ashamed of it.

The Shawshank Redemption

Another prison based film, the Shawshank was one that slipped by me until last year. A bargain bin DVD picked up on a whim, something I’m very pleased to have done.

It’s one of those films that’s easy to watch because it’s engrossing. I’ve watched it several times in the last year and although it’s long it’s often one of those DVD’s I stick on when I’m going to bed and not feeling excessively tired.

The Matrix

Well it kinda had to be there. I’ve got the trilogy box set but only the original makes it to this list. I first saw it on DVD with my parents when the video store didn’t have the dvd we wanted to watch. I got it straight away and have been a fan ever since. I think it kind of hooked into my faith a little bit with the whole religious imagery aspect that’s been done to death. An excellent film that’s well worth a watch.

The Usual Suspects

My cousin bought me this one on video one Christmas. I’d never really heard of it (I’m not a big film buff) but I’m pleased he bought it. Is it a bit worrying that 3 of the first 4 films are crime based?

I like the way this all slowly slots into place, I notice new things every time I watch it. The angle the story is told from is interesting and clever, which is what makes the film for me. You need to concentrate on it, but it’s not one that takes a lot of effort to watch. Along with Shawshank, it’s one of those late night films in my collection.

A Beautiful Mind

I think by now your getting the picture that I like films that need to be watched and thought about. This is another of those. I was engrossed in this the first time I saw it and even now it amazes me. Each time I watch it, and yes it’s another one I stick on if I’m not tired, it gets me caught up in a roller coaster of emotions. An inspiring film.

Spirited Away

This one is a bit different. I’m not a big Anime fan, but I enjoyed watching this one. I’ve watched it a few times now and each time I’m engrossed and caught up in the story. It’s not just the story that I like in this one. Being from an arty/designy background I really appreciate the imagery in this. It’s interesting and different to something you would normally be exposed to, well if like me you aren’t into anime.


Now really there had to be a Pixar movie in here. It was a difficult choice but Ratatoiulle won. There aren’t many films I will go and buy on DVD the day it’s released but this was one of them. Again I like the imagery that comes with it, but also the story. I was caught up in it from the moment I saw the first trailers, and since it came out in the UK a full 8 months after the US it was a long wait.

An excellent film if you need a laugh and a smile, or you like food!

The Passion Of The Christ

This is perhaps an unusual one to be in someone’s top 10 movies. It made it into mine because it’s so powerful and humbling. As a Christian I find watching it really helps me understand the enormity of Christ’s death on the cross. It really captures, or at least allows us to glimpse, the pain which Jesus went through as he carried His cross.

It is as it was.

As the Pope says.

Now, you might call this a bit of a cop-out. But I’ve not been able to come up with 2 more films which I feel are worthy of my Top 10. I’ve seen a lot, and I nearly plumped for some obvious ones like the Back To The Future’s or the Star Wars films. Even LOTR could arguably take the place. But I didn’t want to just plump for those. Hopefully I will come back and fill in the remaining 2 movies. But til I find 2 I actually want to put in that’s it for now.

As far as tags go I’ll pass it to Aidan, Nils and Glenn.

Spaces in 10.5.3 ›

John Gruber outlines the changes to Spaces in 10.5.3. I’ve put them to test, because although I used Spaces I did get annoyed by the swapping by changing to an app.

John did miss something though. If you have an application bound to a space, it’s preference is still respected. If I have Safari open and bound to Space 1, I switch to Space 2 and select Safari I remain in Space 2 until I open a new window. Then I’m transported back to Space 1 with a new Safari window. It’s logical behaviour but I just wanted to point it out incase people got confused.

Remote tribe found in Brazil ›

A remote tribe has been found in Brazil and photographed to prove their existence.

It is understood that when the plane first overflew the village, the people scattered into the forest. When it returned a few hours later they had painted themselves red and fired arrows into the sky.

I was reading about this on my lunch break at work. It’s extremely fascinating that there are up to 100 of these tribes around the world whose lives have barely changed in 1000 years. I’d really like to see how they communicate and what customs they have. I hope they don’t get disturbed after all the media coverage.

Interview With Jonathan Ive ›

Everyone knows I“m an Apple fan and I like to keep informed on the news. One of the big things I like is the design, and when I come across an interview with the man behind the design, I pretty much drop everything and read it. I’d like to meet Jonathan someday, he truly is a genius.

So I suggest you go and read this, it’s not a lot, but its still interesting and gives a little insight into the the guy behind the design at Apple.

Things. Meet Dropbox.

When I got an invite to Things, back in December of last year, I was instantly impressed. I’d been trying out OmniFocus as a form of task management but it never really worked for me, too many options made it feel complicated and I wasted more time inputting and sorting tasks than I did doing them. So Things functional simplicity was a bit of a breath of fresh air.

I used it on and off for personal tasks, but never felt I was getting full use out of it, so when I began my first job in graphic design, I felt that at last I had a proper need for task management. After a couple of months trying various different methods, I fell back on Things. Initially there were a few hiccoughs. I wanted to use Things at home and at work, unfortunately there was no method to sync Things between different Macs. So when Things added the ability to choose where the database was stored, and thus opening up the way to store it on a thumb drive, I was sorted.

Things was working well as my task manager, I was able to use it on my two Macs at home and my work Mac with out a hitch. Well until I left my usb stick in the jeans I was wearing the day before. Good bye the ability to see my tasks for the day.

I needed another solution.

Thankfully a Tweet on twitter solved my problem. An invite to Dropbox later and I was away. My database moved off my usb stick and into my Dropbox ready to be sync’d across my Macs.

Dropbox works exactly as they say it does. Files are uploaded in the background as you work, in the case of Things, everytime I make a new task or tick one off a quick glance to the menu bar shows me my database is being uploaded. The moment I get home and wake my Mac it’s downloaded and I’m ready to go. It’s been as seamless as just using Things on one machine, I can’t tell the difference, apart from having the same database available on 3 Macs.

So because I’m feeling generous, I have 8 invites for Dropbox to give away to the first 8 people to email me via the contact page.

Interview With Michael Kelley ›

Ben Gray of openswitch, has an interesting interview with Michael Kelley, the writer of The Tough Sayings Of Jesus II.

I wanted to highlight the last paragraph because it really struck something with me, in particular sentence.

To Paul it seems that behavior is simple: Understand who you are, then live out your identtiy. So in terms of encouragement, I would say this: You can help a student know who they are in Christ. Then you can help them understand how to live out their identity. Don’t bow to the easy way of just telling them not to have sex, get drunk, and use drugs. Tell them who they are.

I think this really nails what a lot of people seem to miss. I myself have been guilty of it, we as humans get too involved in trying to correct people’s behaviour that we don’t stop and look at the Bible. We should follow the lead of people like Paul, who focused on telling people who they are. The more they understand who they are, the more their behaviour alters to reflect that and ultimately the closer to God.

Echo Faith Redesign ›

Jesse Anderson has redesigned his blog and website Echo Faith.

It’s a nice design. Clean and readable, but still using Jesse’s somewhat trademark worn stylings. It looks to me like Jesse was influenced or at least inspired by some of Avalonstar’s new stylings but it’s still clearly Jesse’s design.

Inspiration: Jamie Oliver

One of the things I’ve always tried to do on this blog is talk about things which inspire me, mostly in my design work. It’s not always happened as I’ve wanted it to, but recently I’ve been noticing things a little more and seeing that it’s not just design work that inspires. So this post will, hopefully, be one of several which talk about something that has inspired me.

JO spine

One thing that hasn’t come out much on my blog, is that I like to cook. My repertoire might be a little small, but I enjoy it and I’m always looking for something new to try. Recently I bought Jamie Oliver’s new book Jamie At Home and it’s inspired me to try a few new dishes. I wanted to bring it to your attention for a few reasons. One, it’s inspired me to cook through it’s easy, simple yet tasty dishes; and two, I really like the graphics of the book, it’s inspired me in my work as well as my cooking.

My Cooking

Let’s get started with the kitchen. I guess, I need to own up now, it’s not just the book that has inspired me but also the TV shows that accompany it. I know I wouldn’t have bought the book without them, the two are tied together very well, and Jamie’s enthusiasm is nothing short of infectious.

JO intro

What I like most about the book is its non-threatening approach. The recipes aren’t your usual list of instructions, but are instead written in a nice understandable paragraph that, if you need, can be broken down to direct instructions. It makes the whole process of cooking a meal a lot less intimidating and gives the feeling of freedom. Instead of feeling like you need to follow each step rigidly, there is more a feeling that you can follow the paragraph and if you go slightly off it doesn’t matter too much.

Ultimately it gives me the feeling that I am creating as opposed to copying. It’s this which supplies, spurs, sparks, give it whatever S word you want, the inspiration.

My Design

The book hasn’t just inspired me in the kitchen. It’s also inspired me at the Mac with my design work. I like the graphics in the book, they give that organic and rustic feel which I guess typifies Jamie in his approach to food.

JO inside

I like the simplicity of the drawn images which introduce each section of the book, and the texture given to the large type adds to the rustic hand-made feel. The general feel of the whole book enhances that feeling of creativity that is generated when cooking the recipes. This is partly why I found the book inspiring. My design work, as you can see from this place, focuses on simplicity to generate the right clean cut and honest feeling. Something which I feel comes out in this book from Jamie. The subtlety of everything in the finish just enhances it all. From the textured material on the cover, to the spot UV on the photo of Jamie, it all enhances the hands-on feeling of cooking.

Vodafone to Offer Apple’s iPhone in Ten Markets ›

Vodafone to Offer Apple’s iPhone in Ten Markets including Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey.

Darn it, why can’t they have got the deal in UK? I’m a Vodafone customer and tied into a long contract, which is stopping me getting the iPhone. Although if recent talk of Apple exiting the carrier lock-in comes to fruition, I might be getting it sooner than I thought!

Jin Saotome’s Super-Cool Custom Superheroes ›

When I was younger I used to be fascinated with models. It was mainly model trains but I did used to like looking at models in general. I guess that’s why I was drawn to this article on custom figurines.

The detail is fantastic and each one is custom built off the base of an existing figurine. Jin Saotome then sells them on e-bay for whatever the buyers think they are worth. A fantastically talented chap.

If you ant to see more I suggest you go look at his Deviant Art page.