The ‘O’ in Obama ›

The ‘O’ in Obama an interesting interview with the guy who created the initial logo for Obama’s ’08 campaign. Fascinating to see that Obama had very little input into the process as well as the demonstration of networking to land the job.


I’m a big Wall-e fan, so let me introduce BURN-E.

Nice Pixar short. Burn-e is a robot on the humans ship Wall-e gets taken too. All the events take place from points within the main feature, so sit back and enjoy.

(Via Kottke.)

gMail voice and video chat ›

gMail makes another new addition. You can chat using Voice & Video in the gMail interface. Quite cool news. If only I knew more people who used gMail.

I’ve installed it. Unfortunately I’ve yet to test it, but it seems to be working on my gApps account.