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A Fragile Net

I’ve noticed, thanks to Mint, that I get quite a few hits for one particular Google search. Actually it’s a Google image search and well it’s a rather unusual one as well. Back when the London 2012 Olympic committee announced the logo for the games, I wrote a piece about it and compared it to a few other recent Olympic logos.

At the time I didn’t think much of it and to be honest I’ve only recently noticed that the post seems to get a lot of hits. So tonight I decided it was high time I checked out this Google search. It was a good job I did as well, the post was largely broken, and I guess when I had an incident with my last upgrade it wasn’t just the plugins and themes that got lost but also some images I was hosting. I’ve now fixed this and all seems well again, so people will be able to find the images they need.

This whole event did get me thinking. It’s amazing how just a few words or images can be caught by the giant that is Google. It’s even more interesting how dependent somethings on the internet are on hosting and a users willingness to leave things where they are. We think of the internet as a place where everything is going to work and all things will exist forever, but really it’s quite a fragile place. Things change quickly and sometimes at a frightening pace, so much so that a simple upgrade process can result in a lost image and boom, someone turns up a fruitless search because the owner didn’t realise that was lost as well.

Edit: I’m aware the footer of that post is slightly mis-aligned. I don’t quite know why and will hopefully fix this at the weekend!