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A Touch Dilemma

Ever since the Macworld keynote I’ve been wrestling with a strong wish to buy an iPod touch. The new software available on the touch seems to have been one of the most controversial aspects of the keynote. But to me the prospect of having those key apps, without hacking, coupled with the recent discovery that my work has Wi-Fi access, has made it seem very appealing. It is now, to all intense and purposes an iPhone without the phone, and therein lies the problem.

I’m currently tied to a Vodafone contract that lasts another 12 months-ish, this makes the prospect of the iPod Touch look very appealing. But then it also makes me think the only reason I want it is because I can’t get an iPhone yet. Now I think the Touch would do me fine, it’s got all the apps on it I would use, but every time I start thinking about the possibility of buying one I can’t help but think the device is crippled. That lack of a constant data connection makes it that much harder to use, each time I’m drawn to the times I would be most likely to use it and really there are 4 major locations that crop up.

  1. The lounge at home
  2. Lucie’s
  3. The office
  4. When I’m driving somewhere and trying to find something (Maps)

Now the interesting thing is, 3 out of 4 of those locations have Wi-Fi and therefore make the Touch useable. Now the 4th one doesn’t and that’s where I foresee the problem. The times where I’ve really wished I had an iPhone is on the occasion of the 4th point. I don’t have a sat nav in my car, but the prospect of just being able to pop onto Google Maps to find something is very enticing, especially as I am new to this area and still finding out where things are.

Now as much a valid reason as this is, I can’t help but feel like it’s outweighs the rest of the pro’s on the device. The prospect of having my email at my fingertips as well as my blog stats is quite enticing, particularly as I’m looking to push on with my blog in the coming months. Then there is the interface. Every time I watch a video, or even just look at the device I’m blown away by it, and the recent update to the “touch” version of OS X just seemed to fuel this. Now that I can have my Mint stats at my fingertips as well as a way to access Twitter easily while I’m “on the go” or at work with a single touch to launch the “apps” makes the device feel a lot more complete.

It rests on several conditions and I’m sure over time those pro’s and con’s will be weighed up and some decisions made (maybe selling my Nano!). Either way It’s both an exciting and an interesting dilemma and one which I’m sure you will find out the result.