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Inspiration: Benjamin Button

Every once in a while you stumble across something that really inspires you. Something that makes you remember why you are in this game they call graphic design.

Benjamin Button-2

Many weeks ago Kevin Cornell announced the reason for his 6 month hiatus and gave a sneaky glimpse of what he had been doing. I was a little intrigued but didn’t really dwell on it. The the other day I was browsing on Amazon and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button sprang onto my screen. Making a bit of snap decision I decided I would make the purchase, it wasn’t expensive and I remembered seeing the name on Kevin’s blog.

Upon delivery I was instantly pleased I’d bought it. The book feels very nice to hold, I like the slight texture on the hardback cover and the crisp paper of the pages coupled with the binding give a very high quality feel. Before I’d even read a word or seen one of Kevin’s illustrations I was already feeling inspired.

As I began the story Kevin’s illustrations began to heighten that inspiration. The drawings are fantastic, the combination of drawing and water colour work very well. They draw you into the story, compelling you to turn the page to not only find out what happens but also to see Kevin’s illustrations.

Benjamin Button-3

This is enhanced with the overall package of the book. Everything is drawn together perfectly, the paper of the pages adds to the hand drawn illustration and while everything is finished so highly, I kind of had the feeling I was reading this from one of Kevin’s sketchbooks. But then the supreme quality of the product makes you realise just too much work has gone into it for it to be a sketchbook.

Benjamin Button-4

It’s clear why Kevin took 6 months off to complete this, and it’s backed up in the finishing of the book from materials to binding and the embossing on the front. It’s truly inspired me when I needed it and credit has to be given to Quirk Books for doing Kevin’s work justice and for creating such a complete package. If a book can give people good user experiences, this one is top notch.