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MarsEdit 2.1

A new release of MarsEdit greeted me when I got home. It presents a few nice features s well as speed enhancements, I’ll let the MarsEdit guys do the talking.

In summary, MarsEdit 2.1 has a new search feature, a new capsule-based tags editor, support for Movable Type tags, support for saving drafts to the server, massively improved preview performance and usability, and a bunch of other performance boosts and feature tweaks.

One thing which I like and have wanted since I got the app is the ability to save drafts to the server. I’ve wanted to see this as occasionally I begin a post on the iMac and want to finish it on my iBook and syncing wasn’t so easy. I was hoping that I’d be able to sync the posts using this new feature, and using this hack

add a category “MarsDraft” to any of your posts, and when MarsEdit sees the category, it will automatically assume that the post is to be treated as a draft.

it kind of works. One sad thing though is that the draft appears in the published section under my blog title (but still as a draft), hopefully there will be someway of moving it to drafts until it is officially published.

Otherwise a great release from the Red Sweater Software gang!

Edit: After a nice email exchange with Daniel I just want to clarify my post. That is expected behaviour at present, and my post has been tweaked to make it a little clearer. Thanks for the response Daniel.