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Interview With Michael Kelley

Ben Gray of openswitch, has an interesting interview with Michael Kelley, the writer of The Tough Sayings Of Jesus II.

I wanted to highlight the last paragraph because it really struck something with me, in particular sentence.

To Paul it seems that behavior is simple: Understand who you are, then live out your identtiy. So in terms of encouragement, I would say this: You can help a student know who they are in Christ. Then you can help them understand how to live out their identity. Don’t bow to the easy way of just telling them not to have sex, get drunk, and use drugs. Tell them who they are.

I think this really nails what a lot of people seem to miss. I myself have been guilty of it, we as humans get too involved in trying to correct people’s behaviour that we don’t stop and look at the Bible. We should follow the lead of people like Paul, who focused on telling people who they are. The more they understand who they are, the more their behaviour alters to reflect that and ultimately the closer to God.