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Switching to Birdfeeder

My feed is moving. Well actually the way I monitor my feed is changing. The last few weeks has seen a very slow response time from Feedburner in delivering statistics about my feed. As a result I’ve decided to use the Birdfeeder Pepper for Mint to do the monitoring. It makes more sense to have all my stats monitored by the one piece of software1.

My feed can now be found at http://phil.electricweekend.com/feed so please check your feedreaders are correct. It should be ok, due to the way I was diverting my feeds anyway, but please do check to make sure. I’ve activated the Feedburner 30-day redirect, so you have that long to make sure you are subscribed tot he right feed.

I hope this doesn’t cause you too much trouble, but I think it’s a worthwhile change, not to mention a neater looking feed url.

  1. And an excellent piece of software it is!?