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Quality Content

When I first started writing this post, it was about RSS and how I’ve been taking stock of the websites I subscribe to and culling the ones that didn’t meet my objective of quality content. It turned into a post that documented my thoughts on what quality content is. Either way it was triggered by my feed reader and the way I could weed out the chaff. It ultimately rested on how can I sort out the feeds I want to read rather than feel I need to read because I’m subscribed to them.

So rather than tell you about my cull of feeds, I wanted to concentrate on the criteria I used. I came up with a definition of what I feel quality content is and I’m sure many of you will agree with it. It runs along these lines:

Quality content comes in two forms.

  1. I enjoy reading it. It’s a blog that when I see has new content I like to read it in NetNewsWire, and it’s one of the blogs I begin reading in NNW and then arrow out to Safari to save for a bit later when I can read it, enjoy it and digest it.
  2. It’s relevant. I have many different interests so if a blog is to remain in my feed collection it has to be relevant to me. Most importantly though, it has to make me think. If I’m challenged by what I read and makes me consider an aspect of my life or my blog or an issue in the world, then it’s worth keeping.

I guess most of all, I have to connect with it.

Whilst I went about the cull it made me think about my own blog. The last few days I’ve been very conscious that all I’ve done is post some links with my own thoughts. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable I want to be more than just a link poster, I want to create that content that would ensure I stay in my own feed reader. So I’ve managed not to get too worried about my lack of longer more considered posts and instead focus on making sure that when the time comes the posts I do write are well thought out and engaging.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the same thing. I want quality content. I want in on my own blog, but I want it in my feed reader. The best way to get that quality content, is to start providing it on your own blog and then rewarding those that are already providing it by subscribing. Either way, if you are giving others quality, they will give it to you.