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Things. Meet Dropbox.

When I got an invite to Things, back in December of last year, I was instantly impressed. I’d been trying out OmniFocus as a form of task management but it never really worked for me, too many options made it feel complicated and I wasted more time inputting and sorting tasks than I did doing them. So Things functional simplicity was a bit of a breath of fresh air.

I used it on and off for personal tasks, but never felt I was getting full use out of it, so when I began my first job in graphic design, I felt that at last I had a proper need for task management. After a couple of months trying various different methods, I fell back on Things. Initially there were a few hiccoughs. I wanted to use Things at home and at work, unfortunately there was no method to sync Things between different Macs. So when Things added the ability to choose where the database was stored, and thus opening up the way to store it on a thumb drive, I was sorted.

Things was working well as my task manager, I was able to use it on my two Macs at home and my work Mac with out a hitch. Well until I left my usb stick in the jeans I was wearing the day before. Good bye the ability to see my tasks for the day.

I needed another solution.

Thankfully a Tweet on twitter solved my problem. An invite to Dropbox later and I was away. My database moved off my usb stick and into my Dropbox ready to be sync’d across my Macs.

Dropbox works exactly as they say it does. Files are uploaded in the background as you work, in the case of Things, everytime I make a new task or tick one off a quick glance to the menu bar shows me my database is being uploaded. The moment I get home and wake my Mac it’s downloaded and I’m ready to go. It’s been as seamless as just using Things on one machine, I can’t tell the difference, apart from having the same database available on 3 Macs.

So because I’m feeling generous, I have 8 invites for Dropbox to give away to the first 8 people to email me via the contact page.