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Productivity in Academia – An Interview with Dezene Huber

The Weekly Review has an interesting interview with a guy called Dezene Huber. I was particularly struck with the paragraph quoted below in regard to Dezene’s and his family’s approach to life.

Satisfaction means that we don’t try to make material possessions the source of our joy. Rather, the things that we already have and that mainly cannot be priced – God, family, friends, nature, and experiences – represent the true foundation of our lives. Beyond that, we live in thankfulness for food, shelter, and clothing and our good fortune to live in a free country of opportunity. If every gizmo and gadget that we own would suddenly be taken away, our lives would be a bit more challenging and a bit quieter – but, would that be such a bad thing?

Something I believe we should all take on board and consider next time we want that new iPhone.