Rebranding Squared Eye

I’ve been wanting to link to this for a while for a few reasons. The first I just love the design and rebranding of Squared Eye. I’ve found it insanely inspiring, and Levi the whale is so full of character and the whole concept so well thought out that it just screams of forward thinking, knowledgeable effective design.

The second reason I wanted to link to this, is because of the whole thought process behind the rebrand. In a time where we are struggling, and have seen people rebrand for the sake of it, it’s so refreshing to see someone do it to further their business. But I was also fascinated by the reasoning behind hiring another design group to carry out the rebrand. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 6 or so years of working as a graphic designer it’s this.

The hardest client to please is yourself.

I’ve tried many a time to nail down an identity that I feel truely reflects me, and I’m still searching. I get itchy feet every time I look at the electric Weekend logo, and I’ll be honest, it’s not helped when I see superb design like this.

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