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Work Less on Think Vitamin ›

More on the four day work week from Carsonified.

If you work every week like you were going on holiday on the Friday then you can get all of your work done in four days rather than five. It takes concentration, dedication and a zero tolerance approach to distractions. The reward is an extra 52 days off a year. Is that worth it to you?

I can’t explain how intrigued I am by the notion of being adaptable to get the most out of your employees as well as being more interested in enriching heir lives.

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Our Four-Day Work Week on Unit Verse ›

Andy Rutledge talks about the four day work week at Unit Interactive. This sentence struck me most.

One of the fundamental tenets of our practice is to cultivate a high quality of life for ourselves and our team

Such a refreshing way of approaching business. If people enjoy what they do, they want to do what they do and they want to do it well. A little trust in your employees and a reward for their hard work goes a long way.

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Daring Fireball: The iPad 2 ›

If you didn’t like the original iPad, you’re not going to like the iPad 2. If you liked the original iPad, you’re going to like the iPad 2 even better.

John Gruber in his review of the iPad 2.

This seems to be the general consensus I’m reading at the moment. I can’t wait to get one and experience iPad over a prolonged period.

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Old Time Music, Sign Painters & Getting Your Inspiration Thirdhand by Joshua Blankenship ›

Occasionally you read something that really resonates with you.

Originality is occasional. Secondhand inspiration can do wonders in the hands of craftsmen. But thirdhand inspiration is always slightly blurry around the edges. It lacks focus. Young muses rarely deliver what they promise. Energy gets lost in every creative exchange, like a game of Telephone. The universe favors entropy.

At the moment I’m trying to design my blog. I find myself looking at all my favourite bloggers and at my collection of screen grabbed websites. Instead I should be looking at who and what interests me so that the site I design reflects me rather than the people I read.

Hands-On Details about the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 by Jeff Carlson ›

Jeff Carlson on Tibits indicates I may have been wrong in my assumptions of how home sharing on iOS works in his Hands-On Details about the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3.

A part of the iOS 4.3 update, iTunes Home Sharing lets you stream media from a copy of iTunes on your network to your iPad, rather than having to first transfer it during a sync operation. In addition, Home Sharing helps keep your library up to date. When you purchase a song on an iOS device and then connect to your iTunes library wirelessly, the song is automatically transferred to your library. It’s like turning your iOS device into an Apple TV.

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