Windows Phone Mango Demo on YouTube ›

Interesting video about the latest release of Windows Phone 7, aka Mango. I’m quite intrigued by the interface of Windows Phone and some of the integration with messaging networks seems interesting, although I’m skeptical how it might work in real life.

I’m actually pleased to see Microsoft stepping up a little with some new ideas and interfaces. Competition is good, I just hope that this and WebOS can gain a little traction in the next few months.

Interview with Marco Arment ›

This is a great insight into the creator of Instapaper one of my favourite apps on the iPad and the reason it does what it does so elegantly. Marco created it for a need he had and it’s an app he uses everyday, it’s not been made for the users, it’s been made for himself. If Marco is anything like me, his worst and most important ciritic is himself. Satisfying that critic is the only way to create something truly great, which is just what he’s doing.

Rands In Repose: Managing Nerds ›

This has been kicking around in my Instapaper for a while. I finally read it last night and boy did it feel like I was reading an article about myself. So many of the points made mirrored some of the ways I approach my work it felt kinda spooky.

Articles like this help you learn things about yourself. Go learn.

Mobile WordPress Blogging by Ben Brooks ›

Ben Brooks posts his solution to something I’ve been thinking about since I got my iPad 2, how to post from iOS to your WordPress blog. I’ll be test driving this on the blog as I try and get back into posting more regularly.

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Demonstrating Instagram

I spend a lot of time with this in front of me.

Tea break!

Albert Hall

Warming up for London Mens Convebtion

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