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Apple’s iTunes in iCloud ‘won’t launch in the UK this year’ by the Telegraph

Just what I feared, the UK once again dragging feet and scared of the Technology. The one thing I don’t understand is this quote:

Mark Mulligan, vice president and research director at Forrester Research, said: “Apple’s cloud music service will not launch in the UK until at least quarter one of 2012. These types of negotiations take a long time… For one thing the UK arms of all the major record labels are biding their time and waiting to see how the service affects download sales in the US before they sign up to anything.”

I’ll be more likely to buy from iTunes for ease of access than I ever have been, but of course, the record labels believe everyone is a thief and will always download illegally if it means paying $25 a year to get those files included in the available anywhere access.

(Via Macstories.)