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The iPhone, however, prefers not to play by these rules. Though exquisite in design, it was not born as art to be put on display. It belongs in our pockets. It is a tool. A utility. A gadget of gadgets.

The iPhone is here to work.

I often get asked why I don’t have a case or cover for my iPhone 4. It has a few dings in it from a time I went through a spell of dropping it, but I don’t mind this. People point out a case would’ve stopped this, but I always point out it wasn’t designed to go in a case it was designed to be used as it is. They usually smile, maybe even chuckle, because they know my respect for the design is more important than whether I have a little ding in the glass on the bottom right corner of my phone.

Finally properly hung the @jorgeq print I won from @shawnblanc. Looks great.

British Columbia Gets Splotchy ›

When I first came across this post detailing the new banding for British Columbia Film & Media I wasn’t that excited. Then I scrolled down and saw how well thought through the new mark was, as always the design was in the detail and the deeper thinking than just the initially presented mark.

Mega Design ›

Mega Design is a Copenhagen‐based design consultancy. We specialize in all genres of graphic design, from packaging, signage and printed materials to exhibitions, websites and brand identities.

Some excellently thought out and executed pieces of design work in the body of work Mega Design have on show. A brilliant demonstration in the subtleties of typography and the impact they can have.

The Social Page ›

Your website is your home on the web. And in a web where we’re increasingly fractured between social networks, having that sort of “home base” on the web seems increasingly important.

A nice clean and simple solution from Ian Hines as he seeks to solve the problem he so succinctly set out in the quote above. It looks great, although the last two items aren’t necessarily what I would’ve chosen for their relevant actions.

Backyard Apartments ›

Another wonderfully executed piece of design that I stumbled across this morning. As someone who used to do lots of work for housing developments seeing something a little more unusual in both style and execution is very refreshing.

Oopsie… Things?

A few months ago I started to use an ingenious AppleScript created by Shawn Blanc which he nicely titled OopsieFocus. It’s purpose? To make sure that when I hit the keyboard shortcut I use for the OmniFocus quick entry window, I was never left hanging without it opening.

Whilst most of the time when I’m at my Mac I had OmniFocus open, occasionally I didn’t and It was those occasions this little script helped me out. By setting Alfred to run this AppleScript on the same keyboard trigger I set in OmniFocus, it checked whether the app was running and if it wasn’t it launched OmniFocus followed by the quick entry window. Genius!

So at the start of September when I felt OmniFocus was more than I needed to manage my tasks, I made the move back to Things and adapted Shawn’s script to work with my new app of choice.

Being a generous chap, I thought just in case any of you folk out there could make use of my altered script, I’d post it here (with Shawn’s permission) for you to download.

Once you’ve downloaded the script I suggest you set it up to run with an app like Alfred (with Powerpack), FastScripts, or Keyboard Maestro to be triggered when you use the same Quick Entry keyboard shortcut you have set in Things.

Download as:

Rethinking Sleep ›

Interesting read that touches the surface of the prospect that 8 hours of sleep is best for all of us. I often struggle with getting enough sleep, as someone who is naturally a night owl, finding the right pattern for work and sleep etc can be challenging in todays 9 to 5 culture.