Been engrossed since opening it after church. Fascinating.

Ja Rule reads The Grinch ›

Every year, for the last 10 years I’ve listened to this in the build up to Christmas. Normally on Radio 1 but I no longer listen to that station so I sought it out online. It’s not great quality but it is a great reading.

Santa Tracker ›

Lovely site and good bit of fun for all those young at heart Santa fans! Google have their bad points, but they do some fun things and they do them well.

Google finds its design voice on iOS ›

Fascinating look at the way Google are developing the design language for their iOS apps. I have to say I’ve been impressed recently, the new search app and the new maps app are now residents on the home screen of my iPhone 4. Of course it probably helps that they provide me with some features that Apple have held back from the iPhone 4, mainly Siri and turn by turn navigation.

OmniFocus 2.0 News ›

Let’s start with OmniFocus 2! For OmniFocus 2, we’re bringing back to the Mac all of the design and innovation that went into our iPad edition of OmniFocus: dedicated Forecast and Review modes, clearer navigation, and a fresh look and feel.

Woohoo! First public debut at 6pm on 31st January 2013. I use this app everyday, can’t wait for a cleaner interface.

Because it comes down to our own choices. Are we going to spend our time the way we want to or not? Are we going to do the work we say we want to do or not? Intentions are dandy, but real men get to work.

Shawn Blanc


The Importance of Sensibility in Designers and Developers ›

Just dip your toe in, you might like the insane rush of building stuff

For a long time I’ve wanted to do more work on the Internet, I’ve always considered myself able to design and build something but not had many opportunities to put that consideration in to practise. Now that I’m working for myself, I’m experiencing this first hand, my biggest job at the moment is redesigning and building a website. It’s not static and I’m finding more and more the experience is forcing me to grow and that rush of building something without hard coding it into the theme files is brilliant!