Site Updates

Anyone would think I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment. Most people spend their weekends relaxing, I seem to spend mine thinking about work, my blog and side projects that I want to start. This weekend I finally finished one of those little side projects which I’ve worked on in my spare time. A little update to the design of this site to replace the last version which was only ever intended as a bit of a stop gap, even though it was up for the best part of a year.

The design will be familiar to most of you, who’ve been before. It’s largely an update to the typography of the site, which now uses Adelle Sans for the headlines and Adelle for the body copy. I’ve also finally added a proper about page, archives page and a site search which were lacking from the previous version.

Part of the desire to update the look of the site came from me wanting to be able to share more original content. I wanted to be able to post some photos, and use that as a spring board to begin using my camera more regularly.

I also took the opportunity to learn how to implement some of the responsive design techniques I’ve been reading about and to see how it worked with images. I’m pretty pleased with the result and the reading experience on the iPhone and iPad.

There may be a few little tweaks here and there over the next couple of weeks, when is a bog owner never tweaking the design of the site? But for now, I’m pretty happy with it.