Ideas, Time Traveller, Maker, Path or Grass. What should be my next @baronfig Apprentice?

Noticing a number of websites have flickering type on my Mac over the last couple of weeks. Very weird.

I have a feeling today is going to be a coffee fuelled one. Lots todo, not enough to time to do it…

The Week In Links

This weeks edition is coming to you slightly late, no excuses other than yesterday flew by and I forgot to post it. I’ve tried something a little different this week, adding some commentary to a couple of links I really enjoyed and then listing some other good reads below them. I’m hoping to evolve this series a little over the summer to inject a bit more of myself into them. Hope you enjoy this weeks edition.

  • THE ALPS by STRAVA – The last week of this year’s Le Tour de France has been through the Alps. This photo story from Strava catches some of what the Peloton has been through these last few days. Even if you’re not a cycling fan these photos are worth viewing. The mountains are stunningly beautiful, I could sit and look at them all day and I loved visiting the Alps the three times I’ve been skiing.
  • Don’t Let Success Breed Failure — Shawn Blanc – The second half of this article from Shawn resonated with me and is why I’ve included it in this weeks edition. As a self employed person I spend a lot of time thinking about this kind of thing, especially after events earlier this year. It’s so tempting to continually say yes to everything, but it’s not possible to do it all. It takes a laser focus and discipline to make sure that workloads and priorities remain manageable.

Other links of interest

No news app on iPad 2. That’s sad…

Living on the edge… decided to install the iOS 9 beta on my ancient iPad 2 to see if it’s any quicker.

Typical, it waits until I’m in the car park at the supermarket before absolutely lashing it down.

Everytime I’m on the brink of falling to sleep I hear a noise that jolts me to my senses and I’m wide awake again.

TypeTogether really do make stunning typefaces. I’m finding they’re increasingly becoming my go to type foundry.

The Week in Links

Another Sunday and another edition of The Week in Links. The majority of this week’s edition came across my path in the first half of the week. In particular is the fascinating and challenging article on living well cheaply, whilst I don’t identify with the Millennials, I am technically of that generation. I found this an interesting read full of good advice.

Hope you enjoy these reads with your Sunday coffee or evening glass of wine.

Been intrigued by the notion of microblogging on my own domain and then posting to Twitter. Blog post coming soon.

Could really do with a Do Note app for the Mac. Finding it works really well for u distracted tweeting.

Good end to the working week hanging out with @timwallace89 and @svjones02 over BBQ food and beer!

Interesting read, MPs not giving themselves a pay rise. It’s been decided for them and there’s no way of refusing it.

I don’t like doing it too often, but since finished work I’ve done nothing. Can barely keep my eyes open, time for bed.

Pretty close call, wonder how fast he was going…

So the new iPod touch matches the iPhone in 3 of its colours. Should we expect pink and blue iPhones in the autumn?

The longer I work for myself, the more inclined I am to look for smaller businesses to shop from.

Another #BuySmall suggestion for @ugmonk, really dig the style of this brand.

As a small business owner I Love the idea of #BuySmall! No better place to start than @baronfig…