The Week in Links

After a brief break last week, I was on a mini‐holiday, The Week in links is back with it’s 26th edition. This weeks take a look at how we work and think, how the design of the web is pushed a bit more. And then some furter thoughts on Apple Watch, headphones, cameras, and the often speculated Apple Car.

Another tee that should probably be in my wardrobe…

This is probably a tee I should own…

It’s probably not a good thing when you’ve got a headache in the middle of the afternoon and decide to have a coffee later than you normally would, only for the headache to go after drinking it…

This is very clever. Might have to give it a try.

Started using Trello to track a large project. Now finding myself using it more and more.

Turkey‐stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. Only been in the oven 10 minutes and they already smell amazing!

This is interesting: iPhone 6 Plus and Mac is ever more appealing, instead of iPad, iPhone and Mac.

I figured since I’ve enjoyed growing some tomatoes, peppers and lettuce in the garden it’s time to try more veg. Plus a new hobby.

Not sure if it’s a good idea, or how long it will take to get one, but just applied for an allotment near my house.

The Week in Links

Another Sunday and another edition of The Week in Links. This weeks featured links focus largely on the iPad and it’s ability to be used for work and not just for consumption. It’s a debate that has been raging for years, and one which we seem to be no closer to ending, although we might be a step closer once iOS 9 arrives in September.

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, sit back with a coffee and have a read.

  • Crossing the iPad Rubicon — 500ish Words – I love the idea of working solely on an iPad, along with many others, and the constant discussion of whether it can actually be done is interesting. But every time I read an article like this one, I can stop but come away feeling like the whole thing is just a romantic notion. That’s not to say that no one can solely work on an iPad, but I know I won’t ever be able too. My work requires a Mac, with professional software in the form of Creative Cloud. That said, if I had an office job of some kind, and only used a computer at home for the likes of email and writing for this site, then I’m pretty sure I could go all in right now.
  • The Tools & Toys Guide to Writing with an iPad — Tools and Toys – It seems to be a bit of a theme this week, the topic of working on an iPad. This is a really good guide for those looking to find out where to begin using their iPad as a more serious work tool by doing some writing on it. Personally I’m a Byword fan and use it on all my computing devices that I use to publish to this site.

The Best of the Rest

If you’re a telesales person ringing me unsolicited, you can at least be polite and not bulldoze over me. Especially when I’m on TPS.

Another evening by myself so watching Fortitude and ploughing through my Instapaper.

Very lame, you can only buy a .uk domain if you own the corresponding, or

Jollies Socks ›

I came across Jollies Socks a few weeks ago and only just had the chance to check them out. Not only are they cool socks, but they’re focused on helping homeless people, with every purchase they support homeless charities in your area.

I really like the concept of HealthKit but it’s still got some big bugs/reliability issues.

Is there a special dance I have to do to get @Lifesum to import work outs from the Health app?