Great little coffee animation!

Didn’t know this:

Low Power Mode all the time. It automatically turns itself off when you charge the battery up to 80% or higher

The iOS 9 lower power mode should auto turnoff when you connect to a power source.

Fun to wake up to see a happy birthday video from my goddaughter!

Society has a real alcohol problem when charities use ideas like going a month sober to raise money.

Just realised it means I have to redo all my mutes on hashtags. Ugh.

Decided to give Twitterrific a bit of a run for my Twitter client on iOS.

iOS 9 seems to have settled down now. Zipping along quite speedily.

Can now access the share sheet from Mail iOS 9. At last an easy way to get things into OmniFocus from my iPhone.

Also, where’s the News app?

Installed iOS 9 on my 5c, so far it seems very slow and laggy.

Guys, guys! Pay attention. Inbox zero!

Suddenly wishing I was back in Jerusalem again. Such an amazing place.

Reminded tonight that one year ago today I was baptised by my Dad in the River Jordan.

Clapped and got a fly that’s been annoying me for ages. #ninja

Ugh, feel rough. Cold is properly taking hold this morning.

You can’t beat coffee brewed with freshly roasted beans.