I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

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My Homescreen: April 2015

Most of the interest has been on my iPad this month since there are a few additions there and only one change on my iPhone.


April 15 iPhone


The Rest


Scanbot – I’ve recently begun using my iPhone to scan my shopping receipts and consequently Scanbot has found itself promoted to my homescreen in place of the no longer needed Rightmove app from last month.


April 15 iPad


The Rest


Tweetbot – Despite the fact that it’s still not been updated to the iOS7/8 aesthetic, it’s ability to sync with my Mac and iPhone has forced me to bring it back to my iPad. I simply have too any hashtags muted in Tweetbot on my iPhone that not having it on my iPad was driving me nuts.

Adobe Comp – Adobe have been busy lately and have updated and introduced a new app. Leading the way is this new one, which seems to finally bring the kind of functionality to the iPad that I’ve been looking for. Since Adobe updated InDesign CC a couple of months back to introduce Creative Cloud Libraries I’ve begun use the extensively and I expect this new apps role in my design process to grow as a result of that.

Adobe Color – I’ve had this on my phone for a while, but a recent project had me sitting back in my chair with a cup of tea creating some possible colour schemes on my iPad. Again it’s integration with the other Creative Cloud apps is the killer feature.

CreativeCloud – Since I started my Creative Cloud license I’ve been making use of the 20GB of space I paid for to house my projects. The iOS app was always lacking though, but a recent update has improved it and joy of joys, I can now view multipage documents in the app.

When Creative Cloud was announced I was annoyed, I liked owning my software, especially when my livelihood is dependant on it, but I’ve been really impressed with the recent updates. Adobe have really stepped up their game in this regard and there’s no greater proof of that than the growing use of their apps beyond the Mac in my design process.