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Interesting comments from Ben Brooks on Why iOS is compelling. Since iOS 9 the iPad has become so capable I now do all my non‐design work on it. It’s also the first computer I recommend to people when they ask me what’s worth considering these days. I think for most people it’s a case of conquering the fear of something being different that’s the biggest stumbling block.

The weeks when Cortex, Canvas and Serial aren’t published sure make for boring podcast weeks. If only they could get together and time the weeks off to alternate with each other.

Just got back from seeing The Revenant at the cinema. Incredible cinematography and engrossing film, not one I’ll rush to see again.

Holocaust Rememberence Day

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz‐Birkenau, a place which is known world wide for the atrocities that our Jewish brothers and sisters faced during the Second World War. Atrocities that I didn’t know the depth of fully until I visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on my first visit to Israel a few years ago. Reading through the account of the holocaust in that place made me feel physically sick, I knew from my history lessons at school that it was a massive operation but I had no clue of the depth of it. No clue of how far it went in terms of the dehumanising treatment the Jews had to endure.

Sadly in today’s society we are again seeing the rise of anti‐semitism. It takes different forms, whether it’s through the BDS movement or jihadi attacks in both Israel and Europe, this is what they are and to call them anything else forgets the beginnings of moments in history like the holocaust.

Today is a day we must remember, especially in the current cultural climate, and stand side by side with our Jewish brothers and sisters. As a child of Christ I have an even greater responsibility to stand with Israel and show them the love their Messiah has for them.

I’ve been using @Ulyssesapp on my iPad since the start of the year, really great app. Looking forward to it turning Universal.

Also great to be able to post an article completely from my iPad, including having to alter some theme files to make things display correctly.

Great to get a “proper” blog post out tonight for the first time in months. It’s a start and hopefully the first of many.

Just Hit Command‐N

Just hit Command‐N. Those are the words I just read in a post from Manton Reece, and so that’s what I’m doing. I may not be a developer or someone who’s had much of an audience in my life on the Internet. However, for the last few weeks I’ve wanted to start posting to my site again but for whatever reason I’ve never known what to write. So here I am pressing the plus button in Ulysses on my iPad and writing.

I remember when I first got in to the whole blogging way of things. I wasn’t really selective about what I wrote about, I would just write whatever came to me. Of course there was a set of themes that would be covered, but they weren’t chosen with intention, there were just what my interests were. They were me. Since discovering Manton’s blog towards the end of last year I’ve been reminded of my early blog and the early blogs of those who I still follow. They were genuine and full of interesting things because they weren’t overly focused, they were just personal sites. Of course those sites, at least the ones that are still going, are still interesting but they’ve become more focused over time. Although that focus may have happened by a natural evolution as people found what really makes them tick, those sites are interesting in a different way now. Thankfully what I’m starting to see, and what I hope I continue to see, is more variety and new sites that are personal and reflect the whole of the person who writes them. That’s what drew me to this hobby we call blogging, and it’s what I hope will help me return.

So here’s to new beginnings, to starting to write more and to being less bothered about what I should write about and instead just posting what feels right.

Content Origins ›

A subject I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is that of the personal site and owning content. Since I discovered the microblogging “movement” I’ve been thinking about how it should affect my posting to sites like Twitter. Manton’s thoughts in his post Long‐form writing as a filter are echoing where I’m starting to land. I want to post/write for this site more, but I struggle to think of content. Maybe if I switch to originating all my content on my site first, those initial thoughts will grow into more substantial posts, or remain as micro‐posts pushed to Twitter.

Got myself sorted with a new Workflow to post links to my blog from my iPad and iPhone. In fact Workflow is very impressive.

Going all in with e‐books ›

Investing comments from Tim Challies in a recent blog post about Going All‐in With Ebooks. It’s something I’ve thought about many times, and in fact have committed to on more than one occasion, but always end up coming back to paper books. Worth a read if you’re considering a similar move.

Framed a hung the print I got from one of my housemates for Christmas this afternoon. He knows me well. #coffee #design #type