The Martian Soundtrack ›

I’m a fan of the book, really enjoyed the film and the soundtrack is pretty darn awesome as well. I’ve spent the evening working with it in the background and it completely sucked me into my work. It’s been a long time since I found a soundtrack that did that.

12 hour work days really aren’t fun. I guess that’s the price I pay for having two jobs…

Genuinely excited for Ulysses for iPhone to arrive.

Productive mornings are always very energising, even if you feel tired. Always good to make progress on projects early on.

Great day of fellowship in the countryside with the church 20/30’s group today.

MacBook ›

Interesting comments from Joshua Ginter in the MacBook.

Having commented the other day that I was close to going for the iMac when I last upgraded my Mac, had the MacBook Pro been in the same format as the new MacBook and just as powerful as the Pro, I would likely have gone with a space grey one. Although my design tastes would be influencing me a lot in that decision, I think it’s a stunning design.

Decided to add a little twist to my Now page and track things on it I’ve successfully focused on.

NASA’s Visions of the future ›

These NASA Visions of the Future posters are great. I meant to share them with you at the weekend but was caught up in preparing for my sermon on Sunday. Anyway, it’s so great to see companies do fun stuff like this to build engagement and interest in what they are doing. Best of all, the full res versions are available for you to print and hang on your wall.

Finally got my sermon for tomorrow night written. Just final tweaks left while I practice tomorrow afternoon.

Freedom of page ›

So often when we think of a blank page we’re scared by it, it creates a fear, a fear of the possibilities. But maybe we need to turn that upside down and find freedom in a blank page, freedom to create.

To create doesn’t mean you have to draw the plans of a skyscraper or the physics formula for the unifying theory of the universe. It can be as simple as taking notes in a meeting or writing a journal entry. Every new mark on a page is a baby step, and before you know it you’re taking leaps.

Nothing like a phone call to a great friend to bring a bit of clarity to some sermon preparation.

A new Radpad ›

I really like the openness and insight into a rebrand of Radpad including the thought process and some of the thinking behind the decisions they made. I wish more companies and designers, and I include myself in this, were more open about these things.

My housemate just decided to put some old school music on. He started with Sing by Travis, a song which came out while I was doing my GCSE’s. I am officially old.

5 tips for better journaling with Day One ›

Some good tips for getting into a journaling habit. I particularly liked this one:

“Go back on your Day One timeline more often and you’ll discover how deep and diverse your life and thinking truly is. This is how journaling can redefine you and help foster the image you have of yourself.”

I’ve had a journal, a mixture of physical and digital, for a few years now, I don’t always write in it everyday but it’s always been helpful. One thing I never do is look back through, I should probably change that.

Five weeks into the year and I just finished my fourth book. Apparently I’m reading a lot at the moment.