So true.

My latte art is definitely improving!

Founding Baron Fig ›

I’ve linked to the series that’s being written on Medium of the founding of Baron Fig in the past, but they’ve recently been publishing new parts of the series. As ever it’s a good glimpse into the life of a new startup and the problems they’ve faced. The guys at Baron Fig continue to inspire me.

Nothing quite like an afternoon revising and realigning your blog design. When I don’t do my own creative projects, I forget how much I need that time.

I’ve been having email issues on my Mac with lately. Not staying connected or able to connect without restarting, decided to give Airmail a try on all my devices.

If you’ve never downloaded Hazel for your Mac, fix that. Just set up a bunch of rules to sort my receipts and received invoices into a yearly archive, so easy and it’s going to be a massive time saver.

This week has felt very admin-y, lots of numbers and paperwork, looking forward to spending some time doing some creative bits tomorrow.

It seems to be a day for securing usernames and domains. Just need to the Twitter handle now.

I just secured Now the question is, do I stick with as the main domain or switch to .com?