Nothing better than having the test match on in the background while sorting out things in the flat.

Nothing like a bit of trouble shooting on the blog to disrupt a relaxed start to the day.

A bacon sandwich and coffee, the best way to start a sunny bank holiday Monday. #dayoff

Another one from Sunday’s walk home after church. Spotted this random bit of bunting on an office building, a hidden, subtle flash of colour.



Cheltenham in the sun is beautiful. Took this of the bridge near my house while I was walking home from church yesterday. The weather hasn’t been anywhere near as beautiful today.

NEVER change your Apple ID password. Complete hell hole.

Morning meeting in Bristol and then sampled some coffee from Small Street Espresso and Full Court Press. Both excellent 👍🏻👌🏻

I’m gonna be in the centre of Bristol tomorrow, where’s best for #coffee?

One of the apps on my homescreen changed its icon colour. I know need to rearrange everything to make it look visually balanced.

Someone just tried to login to my Apple ID, iPhone alerted me, I’ve changed password and logged out of all other devices. Any other things I need to do?

Giving the new My Chill Mix from Apple Music a play this morning. Off to a promising start, the first track is both new to me and good.