As Abraham Kuyper once said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!’” And rule with absolute supremacy. And though it may not seem so now, it is only a matter of time until he is revealed from heaven in flaming fire to give relief to those who trust him and righteous vengeance on those who don’t.
– John Piper

A day of tax returns and business reviews. Never fun but has to be done. More business review steps to be done, but ideas are forming and change is a foot.

Bought one thing in the Black Friday sales. A domain name ready for new business developments in the new year. All hush hush for now 🤫

A day of conversations today. Potential collaborations in the day and reminders of the awesome supremacy of Jesus in the evening. I thank God for days like today.

Received my first Christmas card in the post today. In November. Ten days before December even starts.

📚 Artemis by Andy Weir

Published: 2017
Rating: Rating: ★★★★☆
Finished on: 2017/11/19

Andy Weir’s second novel after his hugely successful The Martian was an interesting read which I enjoyed a great deal, but for me it’s not quite on the same level as his first book. For some reason I found the story to be much less believable than The Martian which made it a slightly less compelling read. I can’t quite put my finger on why I found it less believable, perhaps because it was a story set in the not too distant future on the Moon rather than one of exploration on Mars. Either way, if you enjoyed his first book, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.

Photo Challenge

Last week I been took part in a little seven day photo challenge over on and it was a really fun exercise. Each day was given a subject by the initiator Doug Lane, and those taking part had to post a photo depicting their interpretation.

What I enjoyed about that whole process was the extra creative project that ran alongside my two jobs. As a designer I’m always creating something, but over the last few years I slipped into a pattern of only creating things for my clients and rarely doing anything for myself. Something I’ve been trying to rectify this year. What the challenge did though was give me some parameters to work within. In the past I’ve considered these little things but found myself taking photos that were very similar and soon lost interest. I found the subject for each day caused me to look at my day in a slightly different way. Rather than just looking to take a photo, I was forced to seek out a way of capturing something specific. It forced me to observe and look at the world with a slightly different perspective, seeing things in a way I wouldn’t normally.

I’d certainly like to do something similar in the future, maybe with a twist of picking a piece of music to reflect a theme for the day, or recording a 1 minute thought about a personal design project. Who knows, I’m open to some suggestions.

Here’s a contents of my entries:
On the move
Up close

I really need to reasses my weekend so I’m resting better. Not doing anything often feels worse than a full jam packed week.

Enjoyed beginning to look at a design refresh for this blog. Time it had it’s own custom theme and a good chance to start trying out some CSS grid.

I’ve really enjoyed the photo challenge this past week. It’s been fun to have creative challenge totally unrelated to either of my jobs, I already have about four possible photos for the final days topic.

Adobe’s iOS App Failure ›

Over on Six Colors Jason Snell speaks of his disappointment with Adobe’s iOS offering. I’ve long been disappointed with Adobe’s approach to the platform and I couldn’t agree more with his comments.

But it’s frustrating that Adobe has failed its core design customers to such a degree—and it’s also a big risk for Adobe. Photoshop commands a lot of space in the brains of many creative professionals, but a lot of those people want to use iOS. If Adobe provided them with fulfilling tools for iOS—ones that are as capable as what’s available on macOS and Windows—it could keep its customers loyal.

As a designer the iPad has always appealed to me as a means of creating. It seems like it should be the most intuitive way of laying up designs and drawing out ideas. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil only served to enhance this idea for me. Yet Adobe continually fail to acknowledge that we could do serious work in an iPad. They keep serving up “mobile” apps instead of actually considering how an app like InDesign or Illustrator could function.

It took Microsoft years to bring Office to iOS, and in that time apps arrived to fill the gap they had left causing Office to lose mindshare. That’s now starting to happen to the Creative Cloud apps, Affinity Photo is excellent, and more than capable of growing in to the gap left by a lack of a fully fledged Photoshop. My hope is that other apps will rise up to fill the gaps left by a lack of full versions of Illustrator and InDesign or that Adobe gets its finger out and creates them.

I seem to have inadvertently found myself on a streak of posting to my blog each day. Some small posts like this, some longer, and some photos. Aiming to make it more of a habit to share my thoughts there.