A real pet hate of mine is when someone from a different profession tries to treat me like a tool to execute their design, rather than letting me use my years of experience and the expertise/knowledge I’ve developed in that time. In no other profession would you approach an expert and tell them how to do their job. Instead you would give them all the information they need and let them do the work of providing the best possible solution to your problem.

Design is not just how something looks. It’s about how something functions. How a key message is communicated visually. It’s the way that something is used to guide someone from a position of not knowing much to knowing just a little bit more. And it’s many things beyond that, but one thing it is not, is just how something looks.

When you’re working with a designer, don’t try and do their job for them by giving them a layout of how you want something to look. Give them the information they need, talk to them about your aims, and let them use their skills to provide a solution to your problem.