So 1Password just released a new version of their Mac app. Seems like they are really pushing you towards the subscription model, but something about that just makes me feel uncomfortable.

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  1. @philbowell @jemostrom I do trust their posts about their encryption. From what they’ve said, it’s impossible from them to get access to your vaults. If you forget your master password, you have to start from scratch—there’s nothing they can do.

  2. @philbowell @jemostrom If you trust what they say, the only way into your vaults is brute force decryption. With a strong enough master password, you should be safe. They’ve also said the methods they use to encrypt really slow down brute force attacks.

  3. @Bruce @jemostrom it’s less about that and more about trusting one company with all my passwords and the feeling that gives me. The trouble is I’ve been using the app for so many years I wouldn’t know how to handle all my passwords without it.

  4. @philbowell KeyPass? It’s not native to macOS, but it’ll run via mono or wine. Also, it’s open source.

    I need to double check, but I think 1Password on the Mac may make local backups of your subscription vaults. So even if AgileBits goes away, you’ll have your data.

  5. @BestofTimes Free use and updates to all their apps, access via a secure website, and (for family/teams) easy sharing and access control. For less technical members of a family, you can get them back in if they forget their master password. Of course, no one can do so for you.

  6. @jemostrom I don’t know anything about the company, but found this password app via Vector’s show notes (not endorsed by them, but through the import instructions on their sponsor’s website). It’s made by a US company, but you can sync via WebDAV on your own server. And they don’t seem to have their own subscription service, unlike most of the competitors.

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