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@manton @cheesemaker I can’t sign into my WordPress blog in Sunlit on my iPad, crashes each time I put my password in. Known bug?

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  1. @philbowell I have no idea; I cannot keep track of hardware any more 🙂

    Some Wikipedia-ing seems to indicate the Air 2 was the same year as the plain 6 (2014), but obviously the “S” year devices still share a lot with their non‑S predecessors, so in that sense they may well be the same generation.

  2. @cheesemaker To be clear, it’s when trying to set up the account (Settings, Publish to: WordPress, Sign In, Enter URL, then User/Pass, then crash)—to me, that’s account management code or login code, or maybe authentication code, not posting code—but then I have no idea how Sunlit is structured 😉 I just want to make sure we are talking about the same point in the UI 🙂

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