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An unexpected evening to myself after friends had to cancel at the last minute. Looking forward to a chilled evening watching The Masters golf and enjoying a glass or two of this beautiful Israeli wine.

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  1. @jemostrom ha! Galilee is an old region I suppose… not sure what Gamla means in Hebrew, something a long the lines of benefit I believe. I visited the vineyard last time I was in Israel, so couldn’t resist buying a bottle when I saw it on sale here in the UK.

  2. @philbowell after saying gamla meant beauty, I couldn’t help but think I was wrong…SO, after a wee little bit of digging I’ve found that Gamla is a place! And, according to the winery’s website,

    “Gamla” is the name of an ancient Israeli town on the Golan, which withstood the conquering Romans for a number of years. Recent excavations represented by the coin on the label, tell an exciting and heroic story.

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