Why I’m not posting much at the moment and a new bit!

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have loads of work on at the moment for Uni as well as publicity for our CU’s Mission Week and as a result I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and write a post. I have wanted to believe me and I have some post-it’s stuck to my iMac with the post ideas on them, so hopefully when things move on a bit they will turn into posts.

I have also recently started using ma.gnolia to keep a collection of useful links I come across. Since I thought other people might like to see some of the “cool” stuff I find, or the stuff that I find inspirational, I’ve added a Linkage section to the site. Anyway must be off now, work becons, enjoy the links!

Netcocktail ›

I have just discovered that my blog is featured or found on a colour scheme website called Netcocktail. From what I can tell, there is no about page, the website details colour schemes from a variety of websites. It looks like they are either submitted by people who view the Netcocktail site or by the people who run the site. I’m not sure how popular or well known it is, but it certainly made me feel good to have my blog design featured. It’s not this design, its my usual theme based on K2and coded by Ben that features.


So after realising whats missing from my site, I’ve started to prepare the first post for my portfolio. You’ve had a little taster of it, but now it’s time for a full rundown of it!! Well soon anyway!! Takes time to prepare the images!!

Itchy feet

No not in the sense you are thinking. I mean in the design sense, not the sense that I have physically got itchy feet! Ha! Yeah alright, I can hear you, my site has only just been redesigned. But I have itchy feet again! I don’t know why it is, I guess that it just doesn’t feel like me.

For those of you who have been here for a while it has always been a bit of an issue as to what my blog/website actually looks like. I have always wanted it to represent me, which continually presents a difficult task. I have to be happy with it. Now being me and being a designer presents 2 issues here. I am a perfectionist. Therefore, whenever I am designing for myself I am never satisfied, I can never settle on one particular design for long enough. As a result, I’m starting to get itchy feet already with how this blog looks. It doesn’t mean I won’t be using this design, no doubt it will be up for a while but I’m starting to want to change it again, it just doesn’t seem to be stylish enough for my liking.

Now, there is ussually a reason for my sudden desire to redesign the appearance of my blog. This time it happens to be the release of K2 0.9 and the superb job that Michael Heileman has done in creating Binary Bonsai on the K2 base. It just demonstrates what a superb base K2 is and the flexibility it has to create something unique and beautiful. Basically it is making me want to create something of my own. This means one thing. The next theme for my blog, which no doubt I will start designing soon, will be one that I code myself. Then I can say its all my work. So with that I’m going to start learning PHP and CSS, but specifically CSS. While I am setting myself this little task, it will no doubt take me a while to do, which means you get to enjoy the wonders of the current theme.

UPDATE: Who am I kidding, I do like this design, I just need to complete it all. Like making the portfolio link real and so forth!! The blog stays, amazing what a difference a day can make!

Going PINK!

I’ve decided to take part in a little initiative that I’ve been seeing around. Basically it’s called Pink For October and the idea is that in order to raise awareness of breast cancer in BOTH men and women, blogs and other websites go pink for the month of October. Now I know my site has just been redeisgned so don’t panic this theme will be back after October and I won’t be “going pink” until the 1st October. I just think its a really good idea to raise awareness and so I thought I would participate. Plus I enjoy all this designing malarky!


It’s been a bit of a gap in blogging of late, so I must first apologise for that. One thing that I want to stress is that this is my blog and so I don’t really stick to a pattern of blogging, I just tend to do it when I have something to say or when I feel like it. One of the reason why I haven’t posted much is that I haven’t really done much of late other than work and chill out so I haven’t really felt like writing. Hopefully this will change over the next few weeks. I finish work on Thursday and will have a couple of weeks before I go back to Uni. I intend to start reading for my dissertation in these weeks, so you may get something of interest to read soon.

You will have noticed a bit of a change in the sites desgin. Ben has implemented a bit more of my design. It’s almost finished now, there are just a few logistics that need working out etc. I’m preparing a bit of a launch post, so when it’s all completed I will post that. Any feedback on the design will be greatly appreciated.

Panic Over

I saw there was a release of K2 today, version 0.9, so uploaded it to see what it was like. It seemed just break my blog so I have returned to the older version I was using before. I am hoping the Ben will be able to code my site into the new version of K2, purely so there are less bugs. I am not going to use the rolling archives etc as I feel they just add bloat to the whole thing.

Some Blogging Guidelines ›

Ben at Open Switch currently has an interesting article based around some blogging guidelines. I have to say I like some of them and do work by them myself. The main one being, I only post when I find something that interests me or that I feel I need/want to say. I know the only blogs I read tend to be the ones that have something specific to say, the only times I get disappointed when they don’t post for a while, is usually because what they do say is interesting and I like reading it!

IE 6

GRRRRRRRRR! Why is it that IE 6 won’t display webpages how the other browsers display them. If you know CSS and are able to hack it so that webpages display correctly can you help. The site I am building is found here and I am having issues with the search bar and text updates no appearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, please drop a comment or email via the contact form.

A catch up!

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. It’s been a mixture of lack of time and me not feeling like writing. I will also apologise now as this post is going to be a bit of a mish-mash of bits and bobs of information.

My time on the CU exec has come to an end. I have a mixture of feelings about this. One is that I’m quite looking forward to having more time and being just a member of the CU. It means if I’m not really in the mood I can just blend into the background, whereas before I had to be a bit more “out there”. However, on the other hand I’m kinda gonna miss it. I’ve been so involved that even though I’m still doing the website and most probably will find myself doing posters and stuff still its gonna be odd not being so involved on such a level.

This week I’m hoping to knuckle down with some work, get some ideas and designs on paper, need tog et my “creative juices” flowing again, I feel abit stale towards work at the moment!! Maybe I need to go in search of some inspiration some where other than my computer screen!!

On the blogging front I am playing with a new design for the site. I’m a bit happier with the layout of this one, I need to sort a few bits and bobs and get the styling right, but it feels like this layout could have design could have more longevity to it. I’m also thining of creating a little series of blog posts, something to keep me focused and interested.

Anyway time to depart for now, but keep watching this space!!

The Formal.

Introduction that is. I’m just going to explain how this blog works, what to look out for and to request design feedback.

You will notice in an earlier post I made a comment about only having 3 categories. Now the keen eyed ones amoungst you will notice this is significantly less than my previous blog which had around 10. Now the idea behind this is that each post will be either classed as ‘content’, ‘notes’ or ‘noteworthy’. The ‘content’ posts will be the main blog posts. They are most likely to make up the meat of my blog. The ‘notes’ will be little snippets of info, they maybe a link to a site I have visited which I want to share with the world or just a general post that doesn’t quite warrant being classed as ‘content’. This leaves just the ‘noteworthy’ category. Posts within this category are posts which I feel deserve a little bit of extra merit, something to make them stand out from the crowd a little bit.

Ok, so thats how the categories are going to work. You might be wondering how the heck am I going to find something about a piece of design Phil has done? Well the simple answer is this. Each post will have a list of tags. These tags will help you narrow down your search. For example, if I make a post about the project I handed in on Tuesday, it will contain tags along the lines of “design, my design, calendar, project, uni”. You could then go to the search, or the tag cloud on the archives page and select maybe calendar. This will then show you all the posts that have been tagged with this.

Whilst over the next few weeks you may see the appearance of my blog change, some of it is already nailed down how I want it to look. The overall look of the blog for instance is likely to stay in this single column view. The flickr stream (those pictures at the bottom) is also likely to stay where it is. You can see the comments module as well just above the flickr stream. Its likely this will stay here, although its appearance is likely to change. I can’t get the feedlink icon to move next to the comments heading at the moment, very frustrating!

Anyway, I will sign off now as this post is getting long. I hope to give you more of an insight of what is in store for my blog over the next week.


Welcome to electricweekend.com. This is my official blog. It is under a period of testing at the moment. It is likely to go through a lot of changes in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Since this is my first post of the blog, I have placed it in the noteworthy category. Although it doesn’t say alot, it still represents an important mile stone in the life of this blog.

The Last One…

Well not the last one ever, just on this blog. I’m moving you see. Here is the link


so as a small request, those of you who read this, have it bookmarded, or have links to this blog please update them to my new one. You see the new one is more interesting. It’s more Phil. So everyone rush over HERE and read that one instead.