Another tee that should probably be in my wardrobe…

This is probably a tee I should own…

It’s probably not a good thing when you’ve got a headache in the middle of the afternoon and decide to have a coffee later than you normally would, only for the headache to go after drinking it…

This is very clever. Might have to give it a try.

Started using Trello to track a large project. Now finding myself using it more and more.

Turkey-stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. Only been in the oven 10 minutes and they already smell amazing!

This is interesting: iPhone 6 Plus and Mac is ever more appealing, instead of iPad, iPhone and Mac.

I figured since I’ve enjoyed growing some tomatoes, peppers and lettuce in the garden it’s time to try more veg. Plus a new hobby.

Not sure if it’s a good idea, or how long it will take to get one, but just applied for an allotment near my house.

If you’re a telesales person ringing me unsolicited, you can at least be polite and not bulldoze over me. Especially when I’m on TPS.

Another evening by myself so watching Fortitude and ploughing through my Instapaper.

Very lame, you can only buy a .uk domain if you own the corresponding, or

I really like the concept of HealthKit but it’s still got some big bugs/reliability issues.

Is there a special dance I have to do to get @Lifesum to import work outs from the Health app?

Valuable lesson. Make sure to take your fountain pen out your pocket when you sit down at your desk…

4pm on a Monday and I’ve cleared my task list for the day. Haven’t been out the house yet though…

Typical. I go out and water the garden, get back in sit down on the sofa and it starts to rain.

Finishing off a nice relaxing afternoon with a glass of wine, blog post writing and The Bourne Identity. Nice and relaxing.

Survived a hot and tough training session and got home in time to see England win the Ashes.