Relaxed start to the weekend meeting my parents for breakfast. Now watching the Royal Wedding before a bit of portfolio work this afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to try and watch less TV/Netflix in the evening. I decided I’d allow myself an hour or so when I got home from my shift at the coffee shop to unwind and then I’d turn it off and do something productive or useful.

Seems to be working pretty well so far. I’ve been able to improve the new theme for my blog a bit, posted far more regularly, read more articles, read more non-fiction books, listened to more music, and made progress on my new portfolio website. Here’s to this resolution lasting.

Making the most of the sun to take some product photos for my new portfolio.

You know you have a good friend when they ring for a catch up and when the call ends you realise you’ve been on the phone for two hours.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, but mind map apps are excellent ways of visually presenting a site map. I’ve found them really helpful in the last couple of weeks while reviewing site structures and navigation design.

Spent some of this afternoon going through my old design projects and picking which I’m going to include in my new portfolio site. Found a number of old projects which are going to go in there and ordered a cheap – but well reviewed – light box thing to photograph them in.

9:50pm on a Friday and finally calling it a day. The curse of double jobbing, a 14.5 hour work day. I really wish I was doing design work full time.

Any web development people know why a htaccess rule to change to php 7 is causing the file to download and not execute?

A real pet hate of mine is when someone from a different profession tries to treat me like a tool to execute their design, rather than letting me use my years of experience and the expertise/knowledge I’ve developed in that time. In no other profession would you approach an expert and tell them how to do their job. Instead you would give them all the information they need and let them do the work of providing the best possible solution to your problem.

Design is not just how something looks. It’s about how something functions. How a key message is communicated visually. It’s the way that something is used to guide someone from a position of not knowing much to knowing just a little bit more. And it’s many things beyond that, but one thing it is not, is just how something looks.

When you’re working with a designer, don’t try and do their job for them by giving them a layout of how you want something to look. Give them the information they need, talk to them about your aims, and let them use their skills to provide a solution to your problem.

Chopped some chillis up to put them in my bolognese which is currently in the oven. Apparently I didn’t wash my hands thoroughly and itched my nose. IT STINGS!

Went for a nice long walk around Cheltenham this morning, needed to make sure I got out the flat and enjoyed some of the beautiful sunny weather we have had this bank holiday weekend.

I spotted this copy of The Hobbit in a charity shop window so popped inside to have a look. It’s got some lovely illustrations inside and well I just loved the cover. Decided that for a fiver it was too good to pass up as a beautiful addition to my bookshelves.

I’ve been an Apple Music user since the beginning, but decided to give Spotify a go for the month. Using my Echo Dot more and more lately and feel like the music elements give it greater utility. Already found a couple of new tracks thanks to Discover Weekly. 🎵

It’s been a long week with a busy final shift today. Looking forward to enjoying the sun over the next couple of days and relaxing a bit. Probably still end up doing some work though…

Since I’m posting to this site with a bit more freedom and making use of post formats such as status and image to do so, I’ve decided to enable comments again. I’m still ironing out some issues with the new theme, but it’s getting there.

Noticed a weird thing with my posts that any likes etc, aren’t showing up. This one would be a good example. Not sure why or how to solve the problem, I have the relevant plugins installed and facepiles enabled but they don’t show.

The Giro d’Italia started today, the first of cycling’s grand tours to start outside of Europe, and it’s in Israel’s capital. Watching the highlights now trying to see if the course goes through any bits of Jerusalem that I’ve been to. Love it. 🇮🇱 🚴🏻‍♂️

Apologies to my Mum (and anyone else who gets notified by email about new posts) for the couple of hundred emails now clogging your inbox after my Instagram photo import. Didn’t think about that before I started.


Connected my Echo Dot to my amp and speakers while I give Amazon Music Unlimited a free trial. Probably wouldn’t switch to that service but I do like just being able to start listening to music by speaking and not having to pick up my iPhone or iPad and AirPlaying.

New glasses arrived. Prescription hasn’t changed since the last pair but factory clean lenses still makes it feel like I’ve upgraded to 4K.