Took this on my way out of Westminster Central Hall after the London Men’s Convention yesterday. Great to hear John Piper speak and The Lord use his words to speak to many of the men who were there.

Photo Challenge

Last week I been took part in a little seven day photo challenge over on and it was a really fun exercise. Each day was given a subject by the initiator Doug Lane, and those taking part had to post a photo depicting their interpretation.

What I enjoyed about that whole process was the extra creative project that ran alongside my two jobs. As a designer I’m always creating something, but over the last few years I slipped into a pattern of only creating things for my clients and rarely doing anything for myself. Something I’ve been trying to rectify this year. What the challenge did though was give me some parameters to work within. In the past I’ve considered these little things but found myself taking photos that were very similar and soon lost interest. I found the subject for each day caused me to look at my day in a slightly different way. Rather than just looking to take a photo, I was forced to seek out a way of capturing something specific. It forced me to observe and look at the world with a slightly different perspective, seeing things in a way I wouldn’t normally.

I’d certainly like to do something similar in the future, maybe with a twist of picking a piece of music to reflect a theme for the day, or recording a 1 minute thought about a personal design project. Who knows, I’m open to some suggestions.

Here’s a contents of my entries:
On the move
Up close

Squares in Lanscape

The first day of the photo challenge running on sets a theme of squares. This is the view out of the square windows in the place I’m staying with my Growth Group from church this weekend. It’s called The Old Vicarage and looks out on the Gloucestershire countryside out towards the River Severn. It’s a calm, slow, and relaxing part of the world. Photo Challenge

Doug Lane has posted his idea for a Photo Challenge and Manton has already added a pin to for those who manage to complete the challenge.

This is one of the things I’m really enjoying about at this early stage, the community is so actively engaged and Manton is so quick to respond to good ideas that fit with the vision of the service. I’ll be aiming to take part in the challenge so keep your eyes peeled for my contributions over the next week.

Nice day in Bath with my Dad while Mum was at the world textile day. Got to the Roman Baths for the first time, recommended.

Another one from Sunday’s walk home after church. Spotted this random bit of bunting on an office building, a hidden, subtle flash of colour.



Cheltenham in the sun is beautiful. Took this of the bridge near my house while I was walking home from church yesterday. The weather hasn’t been anywhere near as beautiful today.

Making the most of not working in the coffee house this afternoon. Lunch in the sun. 👌🏻