I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

Rovi for birthday dinner in London

First day at my new job today. I’m leaving the freelance life to join a team at a well known organisation in the UK. Looking forward to it, but inevitably a bit apprehensive this morning. First time I won’t be my own boss for 7 years.

Realising how important it is that I make time to read fiction. Getting into a good novel really calms my mind and stops it running away with itself. Finished reading The Hobbit today and just started the latest Red Rising.

It’s been a summer of cricket, great finish to the test match. Hats off to Ben Stokes 🏏

Please to get the first of my new service pages on up on my design website. Anyone in need of a marketing website for their small business or project, get in touch!

Testing Quill out since my websites have all just moved to a new server.

Watching the Play Off final and cheering on Aston Villa, seems like they are on the way the premier league meaning Derby aren’t. Can’t be having the Rams promoted.

Made some changes to the way my blog feeds Micro.blog so it should now only share notes, photos, and articles when I post instead of every single kind of post.

There’s probably some wonkiness that needs to fix, so if you see anything please let me know.

Updated the design of my blog so that it’s more in line with my new portfolio site. I’ve ended up switching to use more Indie Web post kinds to categorise content instead of the WordPress post formats.

Began to play around with the theme for my blog tonight, updating the colours etc so that things match my portfolio site. Sass really is awesome for that. Change a colour variable and it changes everywhere. Love it.

I forgot what the whole applying for jobs process was like, having to update profiles all over the web on various different websites which advertise jobs in the creative industries. Started to breathe some new life into my Dribbble account and actually start making use of Behance.

Discovered that an old folder action on my Mac has been running for ages and is in a loop creating new folders inside new folders! Trying to work out how to kill it!

Made some more progress on my portfolio site this weekend. I now have an about page and a contact page. New home page and some more projects should be coming in the next day or so.

Adjusted my sass screen sizes to match Bootstrap 4 on a project. Couldn’t work out why on screen size everything was drastically broken… a screen size of 5768px would be the reason… 🤣

Decided to make the switch to Starling Bank today, for both my personal and business account. Linking and automating with YNAB and FreeAgent should hopefully help my aversion to admin…

The pain of being self-employed when there are public holidays and you have a couple of days off is never more apparent than when you do your monthly invoices.

After unexpectedly discovering a work contract is coming to an end sooner than expected I made some more progress on my new portfolio site today. A couple of projects up with more to follow. If you know anyone who needs a new website or a designer to join the team let me know.

Anyone able to recommend an alternative to CodeKit for working with Sass locally? I’m fed up of it’s constant hanging and failing to compile after making changes, it makes for a frustrating experience.