10 Years of the BBC News Web Site ›

The BBC look at how we might consume news in the next decade, after their news website turns 10. Vint Cerf, Google’s internet evangelist, hit’s it on the head for me.

He believes that the demand for information will make the craft of journalism as valued as ever – but that news gatherers will lose control of how their information is presented.

Look at RSS now, it’s quick but it all looks the same. No feed gets more weighting than any other.

Adium X A/V ›

With all the talk and focus on Leopard, the Adium X team made a pretty significant announcment, that as far as I’m aware has gone pretty unnoticed. The guys are working on getting A/V into Adium and Libpurple. Currently GTalk has the ability to receive audio and with the help of Farsight the team plan to have support for the major protocols.

Wireless Music ›

Griffin have a new speaker system out called Evolve. They work as powered speakers on your home stereo or as a stereo with your iPod plugged in. The best bit. You can pick the speakers up and take them with you around the house. No need to point the speakers out the window and turn the volume up to have music while you BBQ anymore.

Mac Sales Up ›

John Gruber reports on the recent sales figures from Apple. Superb for iPod and growing for iPhone, but the biggie lies in Mac sales. Up by 400,000 compared to the same quarter a year ago, at a time where sales should be lower due to the coming Leopard release.

What we’re seeing now is what Mac enthusiasts have been hoping to see for 20 years: more people deciding to buy a Mac.

It’s true. While I have done been a Mac person for 20 years, I have since I got my first one over 3 years ago and wouldn’t go back to Windows for anything.

Leopard Dock Tweak ›

It seems Apple have heard the cries. Apparently there is a new dock style for the dock when it’s positioned on the left or right. I’m quite relieved. I’ve been a dock on the left person since I first used OS X so having a dock that works on the left means I won’t have a poo looking desktop.

Apparently the new dock style works on the bottom as well.

Address Book and Yahoo

When Apple announced the iPhone back in January one of the features they touted was a free Push IMAP Yahoo email account to all iPhone customers. Since iPhone launched this little feature has seen very little press coverage, if any, but it is important in understanding why Address Book in Leopard syncs with the Yahoo Mail address book.

Since Yahoo do not allow IMAP access to their email accounts it seems they are envisaging a world where people access their Yahoo email account in two ways:

1. Through the iPhones Mail application
2. Through their web browser on a desktop.

Working in this manner will ensure the mailbox remains in “sync” across the two environments. Any new mail read on the iPhone will be marked as read in Yahoo and vice versa, effectively ensuring you are using the Yahoo web interface as your desktop client.

This presents one problem. The Yahoo web interface doesn’t interact with the Address Book found in OS X, which provides the iPhone with it’s contacts. How can the two environments, share the same contacts in order to work as required?

Enter the new Leopard feature for Address Book, the ability to sync with Yahoo Mail’s address book. This solves the problem presented earlier by ensuring the iPhone address book remains in sync with the Yahoo Mail address book. All in all, a good solution to the problem, as well as being a nice free alternative to .Mac address book sync.

This leaves me asking why are people moaning about it? I can think of only two reasons.

1. Since Yahoo don’t allow IMAP access to the mail account on a desktop people don’t use the free Push IMAP as their source of email on the iPhone. This leaves them wondering why it’s there.

2. Not many people use Yahoo mail. If they want a web based email account they turn to GMail for the solution and so the option to sync with Google is more valuable.

It presents an interesting debate, and has me wondering if Yahoo plan to allow IMAP access to their webmail application or if there is another reason behind it. Are Apple aware of their “alliance” with Google and don’t want to freeze Yahoo out? Or am I missing something?

R.I.P. PhilPod


On my birthday and the few days after, you may have seen me talking about the death of my iPod, otherwise known as PhilPod. I think the HDD in it has failed, when I plug it into my Mac it whirrs, pops and clicks and doesn’t register at all in iTunes. On the day in question two or three times the unhappy Mac appeared on the screen and I knew that was it. My iPod had died after three years of providing me with music on the go it is no more.

It did leave it’s mark, and me in a bit of distress for an hour or so. No not because it was gone, although it was sad, but because on it’s way it crippled my iTunes Library. In a vain attempt to bring PhilPod back to life, I plugged it into my iMac to try to reset it one last time. I was greeted with that same whirring and popping as well as the usual do not disconnect message on screen. However it did not register on my iMac or in iTunes and after half an hour I decided it was time to pull the plug. iTunes continued playing and all seemed well, unitil I wanted to change the album I was listening to. iTunes wasn’t responding. No biggie, time to force quit. Biggie. iTunes process quit, but the iTunes icon didn’t. There it sat in the dock going no where. The end result after a log out and a launch of iTunes. My iTunes Library had been locked. Fortunately, it’s all fixed (post on how to come!) and no data was lost.

So what next? Well as my iPod died on my birthday, I thought it fitting to use the money I got as gifts towards a replacement. After some thought this morning I plumped for a black 3G iPod nano (8GB) from Amazon. It’s only cost me £109 plus postage thanks to an Amazon voucher, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than Apple. I’m not bothered by the loss in capacity, as by the end my iTunes Library wouldn’t fit on my 20GB PhilPod, so this will only serve to make me more selective in what music to carry with me. I’m looking forward to smallness and the possibility of Nike Plus in the future.

To finish. RIP PhilPod.