An early spring clean

As I’ve been posting here more and more recently, I’ve spotted a few things about the site which I’m not happy with. One of the biggest issues has been around how I sort posts and all the meta data that is related to them.

For the last few years I’ve used WordPress’ built in Post Formats to organise the type of content I post here. They’ve allowed me to display content in different ways for each type of post I make. Alongside the Post Formats I’ve been making use of categories, each post got categorised with a category that corresponded to the type of post it was. This week I realised how redundant those categories are. Essentially I’ve been adding the same information to a post in two different ways, consequently posts have not had much context in terms of what they are about or how to find similar posts.

This morning I’ve spent a bit of time changing that. Posts are now categorised in wider subject areas and contain many different types of posts. I plan to surface the Post Formats information when I redesign the blog to have a design unique to me and that doesn’t make use of one of the standard themes.

One consequence of the re-categorisation of posts is that it’s surface how woefully I’ve been tagging posts. Currently I have 337 tags across 686 posts. That’s a lot of tags, but even with just a cursory look over the tag list shows I’ve got many variations on the same word. One of my next, and probably most tedious tasks, will be to sort out and clean up my tag list so that they provide better granular categorisation.

It should provide a more useful hierarchy of meta data to the site, Post Format (type of post) \> Category (wider subject) \> Tags (smaller subject information). Hopefully it means I’ll be able to find my own posts better, WordPress’ recommended posts might actually be useful and return to the site, and readers will be able to find more posts related to the one they’re reading.