Nothing quite like an afternoon revising and realigning your blog design. When I don’t do my own creative projects, I forget how much I need that time.

I’ve been having email issues on my Mac with lately. Not staying connected or able to connect without restarting, decided to give Airmail a try on all my devices.

If you’ve never downloaded Hazel for your Mac, fix that. Just set up a bunch of rules to sort my receipts and received invoices into a yearly archive, so easy and it’s going to be a massive time saver.

This week has felt very admin-y, lots of numbers and paperwork, looking forward to spending some time doing some creative bits tomorrow.

It seems to be a day for securing usernames and domains. Just need to the Twitter handle now.

I just secured Now the question is, do I stick with as the main domain or switch to .com?

The sun is out, the sky is blue, the evenings are lighter. Nothing like a bit of good weather to keep you relaxed after a break. Praise God!

Very proud of my Dad who lead his church through a Passover Seder tonight for the first time. Throughly enjoyed it.

A Not Quite Full Review, of a Not Quite Great Twitter App: Twitterrific ›

Ben Brooks’ review of Twitterrific 4 finishes with this little comment.

It doesn’t feel finished — it feels like a version 1.0 product. If this was a version 1.0 then I would be excited for its future, but given the version 4 nature I am hardly impressed.

A fair assessment, but essentially this is a version 1. It’s so different to the previous versions and I believe that the Iconfactory actually started again like they did on iOS with the new version. Still, some of the decisions they’ve made are odd.

As a side note:

You can’t close image windows (Twitpic and the like) with the keyboard.

Try pressing escape and you’ll find this comment incorrect. I was being driven mad until I stumbled across this though, so I can see where Ben is coming from.

Tweetie for Mac ›

My favourite iPhone Twitter client is coming to the Mac. I’ve been hearing about it for the last couple of weeks and I’m not afraid to say I’m quite excited by this first look. Roll on Monday when it will be released to the world.

(Via @atebits.)